Man City FFP: Financial advisor rules out ‘nonsense’ option after Premier League expulsion

Will Ford
Man City Super League
Could Man City be playing in the European Super League in 2024/25?

Manchester City won’t be joining the European Super League if they’re expelled from the Premier League over their 115 alleged FFP breaches, according to one of the club’s former financial advisors.

It was revealed on Tuesday that City had launched ‘unprecedented legal action’ against the Premier League as they see themselves as victims of ‘discrimination’ because of the APT rules – what’s APT, you ask? – and that the ‘tyranny of the majority’ is attempting to halt their progress as a club.

They are disputing the rules that limit how much companies linked to club owners can pay them in sponsorship, with their case to be heard at a hearing starting on Monday, which is expected to last a fortnight.

It’s been claimed this is a deflection tactic from City as they head for another hearing in November over their 115 alleged breaches of FFP rules, though it’s also thought that success in the ATP case could ‘blow a big hole’ in their FFP charges.

Super League solace?

If City are unsuccessful in their legal battle against the Premier League and are then found to have breached FFP rules, they look set for significant punishment.

Points deductions, transfer bans and expulsion from the English top flight have all been mooted, and it’s been suggested that they could seek solace in the European Super League should they be banished from the Premier League.

Juventus recently pulled out of the controversial competition, leaving just Real Madrid and Barcelona as confirmed participants, but it was thought they could be joined by City as a result of their upcoming hearings.

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‘There is no Super League’

But former Man City financial adviser Stefan Borson has rubbished those suggestions, labelling it a “nonsense story”.

“I think it falls into that category of somebody briefing,” Borson told Football Insider’s Sean Fisher.

“There is no Super League, so that’s the starting point.

“Secondly, it’s likely by the time all of this situation is resolved, the independent regulator will be able to prevent clubs from leaving the Premier League and entering other competitions.

“I think it’s just not going to happen.

“It’s just a nonsense story.”