Man City could ‘be forced’ to join European Super League if suing Premier League fails

Joe Williams
Man City in the European Super League
Could Man City rejoin attempts to create a European Super League?

Man City could attempt to rejoin efforts to get a European Super League off the ground if their legal challenge against the Premier League fails, according to reports.

A legal challenge by Man City against Premier League rules will be heard next week, according to reports on Tuesday.

The Times reported that an arbitration hearing will start on Monday over a claim made by Premier League champions Man City against the top flight’s associated party transaction (APT) regulations.

The APTs are designed to ensure that all deals between a club and entities linked to that club’s owners are done at fair market value.

The Times reports that a 165-page claim was issued by lawyers representing Man City.

If the action is successful, The Times says it could assist City in the defence of their case against 115 Premier League charges laid in February 2023, because some of the charges relate to alleged attempts to disguise owner funding as sponsorship in breach of league rules. Man City deny any wrongdoing.

The Times reports that the other 19 Premier League clubs have been asked to join it in defence of its case against City.

According to The Times article, Man City’s lawyers argue the club are the victims of “discrimination against Gulf ownership” and that the rules make them subject to a “tyranny of the majority”. City are owned by Sheikh Mansour, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

And now the Daily Mail insist that Man City ‘may be forced to rejoin the European Super League if they are unsuccessful in their new legal dispute with the Premier League’.

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The Daily Mail claim:

‘If City lose their challenge over APT regulations, their relationship with the Premier League will be at an all-time low and could see them seek to rejoin the European Super League.

‘Italian giants Juventus recently became the latest team to pull out of the ESL, leaving just Barcelona and Real Madrid committed, as it stands.

‘On the other hand, if City are successful, it is likely to signal an end to the Premier League’s democratic system of requiring the agreement of at least 14 clubs, or two thirds of those who vote, in order to implement rule changes.

‘City’s legal argument contends that that gives the majority unacceptable levels of control.’

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