Fergie still sh*ts on Pep as Man City ‘sold their soul’ to win an ‘artificial’ Treble

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The Mailbox features a hell of a lot of people explaining why Man City’s Treble doesn’t really count, along with bits on Haaland’s anonymity, Rio Ferdinand’s ‘punditry’ and why Fergie is still the boss.

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Fergie sh*ts on Pep
No doubt there’ll be plenty “asking” if Pep is the greatest manager of all time but I can’t bring myself to watch or read any football stuff tonight.

Pep is obviously a genius but Ferguson is still the king. That guy won a European trophy after beating Madrid and Bayern with Aberfuckingdeen. Beat the Old Firm to the Scottish title two years in a row with them too, one of which was a double. Leicester and Blackburn showed a decent team can have an amazing one off season but Ferguson turned Aberdeen into a force.

Pep went from Messi and a two team league to the top club in a one team league to an oil state with a bottomless pit of cash. Some fairly average managers have won the league with Bayern and Messi’s Barca. A couple of decent but hardly special managers have won the league with oil rich City. Only Celtic and Rangers have won the Scottish League in the 37 years since Ferguson left.

On the other hand, his critics go too far; questioning whether he’s any good at all. City did the win the league before he showed up but it’s his management that has made them into the juggernaut they’re seen as today. Pellegrini and Mancini had access to the same money he did but achieved nowhere near the same level of dominance.

He’s the greatest around today, by a distance, but until he wins the league with the likes of Sevilla or Spurs, he’s number two on the greatest of all time list.
Eamonn, Dublin


Anonymous Haaland
I have just watched a champions League final where apparently the best player in the English premier League has been totally anonymous. This is not the first match I am watching and wondering apart from the goals that rely from great input of his team mates what else does he offer?He will probably go down as one of the greatest goal scorers of all time, the boy can score goals but is he that fine a footballer? Are we over exalting goals/strikers over other aspects of the game? I watched the champions league final, the three games against Arsenal, the two legs against Real Madrid and at no time did I have the impression he was the best player on the pitch.

Again I am not trying to degrade his exploits as a player. He is an excellent footballer but the best? Better player than De Bryune, Rodri, Silva? If Manchester City fans were to to choose an indispensable player in the team would it be Haaland? Why is goal scoring a better achievement than a shut out? Defenders have to be alert and on toes for the whole 90 minutes, any lapse in concentration is punished, but strikers can miss sitters after sitters, lose possession more times than anyone cares to count and then score a tap in and they become man of the matches. It’s no coincidence that defenders and central midfielders rarely win balloon d’ors.
Arthur( Arsenal fan Nairobi, Kenya)

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It matters
My dad went to his first City game in 1956. I went to mine in 1978. For all the people in this here F365 bit saying it doesn’t matter, you can suck my fat one.
Cal Loftus



That is all.
Mike D


Fake football club
As a Villa fan, I felt pride seeing United win it. Felt pride seeing Liverpool do it.

Feel nothing for this fake club doing it.


Buying football
This final has taught us two things and poses one question. Firstly, that it takes fifteen years to buy football.

Secondly, Lukaku really is a shit striker.
The question is when will Pep leave now that he’s won everything with City?
Eoin (NUFC to win in 2036) Ireland 


Congratulations city on such a huge achievement, nobody can quite explain how they became so successful, proper rags to riches story. Now the sheikh has completed football will he kindly piss off & let us have our football back. Oh &… it’s not an achievement!!
Marcel G LFC

Manchester City midfielder Rodri celebrates his Champions League-winning goal


Playing a computer game on the easiest level with all the cheats on and wondering why nobody cares your “achievements”?
Mike Hall


Sold souls
Well done city. You have won the artificial treble. Imagine winning a treble even more fake than the one United fluked after outspending all of England for 20 years.Your treble is a notch on the bed post of the United emirates government who attended their second match in 14 years today, how wholesome. It’s funny because city fans will reply to this message that they are ecstatic because they were shit 20 years ago and now they are the kings of the world, but everyone knows it’s a hollow victory. You sold your soul for plastic and now you’re winning plastic trebles which no one actually cares about. And you can come back with a zinger in the mailbox about how you’re a fan since 1978 and have seen everything and you feel just fine with lots of witty language. But nothing will change what you are, a vessel for the UAE government. Nice one. Give me Stephen Ireland and 8-0 against Middlesbrough anyday. At least you were a real club then.


Congratulations to the City Group. They have a treble-winning England-based team. It’s obviously the biggest achievement in their 15 year history. I don’t begrudge City fans celebrating because I’d be doing the same. However, I don’t see a football club. An excellent group of footballers? Yes. A genius coach? Sure. But, to me, Manchester City is a 15-year-old soulless franchise propped up by an oil money aristocrat. Abramovich was there first, ten years ago. Newcastle will be there in the next ten years. It is what it is. Again, that’s not an attack on City fans. There are plenty who’ve been around since way before Robinho found out there were two clubs in Manchester. It’s the nature of the beast.

Kind of vomit-inducing, I have to say, how the BT commentary, broadcaster social media posts, etc, were all falling over themselves to affect dizzying joy at the accomplishment achieved by a gulf state-backed club. Reminds me of an article I read once heaping praise on a private north Oxford performing arts-centric school. The article was showcasing three alumni who had become Hollywood actors and spinning a success story. Because everybody knows a true success story is one where mummy and daddy pay to ensure you have to overcome almost no adversity whatsoever. Getting results by pouring more money into a project than everyone else is not a success story. A hefty financial leg-up to meet a baseline target doesn’t warrant celebration all around. So, stop that. Especially you, Premier League. Anyway, to those City fans who know their Shaun Goater from their Shaun Wright-Philips, congratulations.
Simon, Norf London Gooner 


A notable achievement no doubt, but at what cost?

This treble feels like the football equivalent of winning a LIV golf tournament.

My son and I watched the game in a pub in Charlotte and we saw very little passion from those gathered.

It felt like it was expected and I have to wonder what it actually meant.

Can one truly draw pride as the puppet of a murderous regime responsible for torturing journalists, oppressing women and killing gays?

I take a huge amount of pride in my team winning promotion back to The Championship and breaking records along the way. The unbridled joy we experienced just feels so much more real than the plastic pride I saw today.

Come on you (real) blues.
Lenny, Charlotte NC.


So Manchester City won the treble… immortals… conquerors….- who the hell cares?  Except for City fans.

Beneath this veneer of triumph lies allegations of cheating and unfair practices casting a shadow over their achievements. Allegations of Financial Fair Play (FFP) fraud, with a staggering 115 accusations still unresolved. These allegations raise serious questions about Manchester City’s compliance with these rules and the integrity of their financial practices.

The magnitude of the City’s inflated dealings has led to concerns about the inflationary impact on the transfer market. Exorbitant fees create an imbalance, making it difficult for smaller clubs to compete and distorting the overall fairness of the sport. In a way. they have followed in Chelsea’s footsteps and bought the league. The EPL should put a capping limit for transfer window dealings plus a penalty for showing inflated numbers in the club’s annual reports.

City’s alleged ability to buy success with the aid of state-funded petrodollars has granted them an unfair advantage in the transfer market and allowed them to assemble a formidable squad. This raises ethical questions about the role of money in football and the integrity of competition when success can be bought rather than earned. Who Cares If You Win by Cheating?

While Manchester City’s accomplishments on the field may be lauded by their fans, it is crucial to address the broader ethical implications of potentially winning by cheating. Sport is meant to be a fair and level playing field, where success is earned through hard work, skill, and strategy. When a club’s actions cast doubt on the fairness of their achievements, it undermines the integrity of the game and diminishes the value of their triumphs.

I for one will like to see City made an example of like Juventus and docked points, relegated and clear out their titles from the history of EPL. So you can dance all you want Pep and City, but you can shove your treble up your ass because it stands. for nothing!
Tej – Without the Oil Money you are nothing


“Money, bloody hell!”

-Sheikh Mansour
Edwin Ambrose


Money 1 – 0 FFP


You know we have crossed the rubicon when a team has more trophies than original fans.

Well done City. Deserved it.
Garey Vance, MUFC


I don’t think Inter would keep Lukaku if we paid them.
Will CFC


Congrats, Sheikh Mansour
Money talks in football. Man City were nothing until Sheik Mansour came to the scene. The Abu Dhabi consortium led by Sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan have made City what it is with huge investments in player recruitment and development and it has been paying off for some years. Sight should further not be lost of the fact they did not buy the club to make money from it but rather to spend their money to build a great club, unlike some other club money grabbing buyers. Well done Sheik Mansour and Man City.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah


Congratulations to City on this historic night for them BUT I cannot move past one thing: Rio Ferdinand.

What does he offer as a pundit? Seriously? Can someone please tell me anything they have ever learned from him?

All he did was regurgitate statements made by the other pundits, constantly tell me to “listen” and just reference vibes. As we are constantly reminded by him – more on this in a moment – he played at the highest level and won trophies galore. Can he maybe share some insight into this, whether it be emotionally, tactically or environmentally? Perhaps how managers and coaching staff handle it? Seemingly not.

Another thing – I get you played for Man United, Rio. We all do. We all know and remember you were there and enjoyed great success. But they aren’t your club. You didn’t grow up as a fan (Liverpool, in case you were wondering), you played for West Ham and Leeds before and QPR after. So why do you act as a spokesperson? Like you are constantly affronted by others daring to have success? It was embarrassing watching him say things he says in exchanges with Guardiola and Agüero.

Even if you were a one club man and grew up as a fan of Man United – you are paid as a pundit, to be professional and impartial. Man up. Get over yourself. I imagine you are well paid in this role, so earn your money and say something interesting and knowledgeable or get off my screen and let someone else do it, and better.
Alex, Reading. 

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