Ex-Man Utd man thinks Casemiro could’ve ‘seriously damaged’ Alcaraz; former ref says he ‘lost control’

Joe Williams
Man Utd midfielder Casemiro slides into Carlos Alcaraz

Former Man Utd goalkeeper Mark Bosnich thinks Casemiro could’ve done Southampton midfielder Carlos Alcaraz “serious damage” with referee having no choice but to send him off.

The Red Devils will have to cope without the Brazil international for the next four domestic matches after he was shown a red card in their 0-0 draw against the Saints on Sunday.

Casemiro was initially shown a yellow card by referee Anthony Taylor before the VAR recommended that he looked at the incident again on the monitor.

Taylor changed his decision to a red card after the replay showed Casemiro clipped the top of the ball before following through onto Alcaraz’s shin.

And ex-Man Utd keeper Bosnich thinks the VAR and referee eventually came to the right decision despite complaints about inconsistency of decisions.

Bosnich told Sky Sports: “So the sending off, I really don’t think the referee had any other choice. Once you go in, sliding in like that, your foot goes above the opposition’s ankle [it’s going to be a red card].

“Now I know he’s collected the ball and that has forced him to go higher – but you really are risking injuring an opponent and I really don’t think the referee has any choice.

“I’ve heard some people say ‘what about this, what about that’ in the past. That’s irrelevant because that has happened in the past and they’ve had a word to say ‘look, these type of tackles you don’t want in the game because they can seriously damage someone’.”

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher, who regularly gives his opinion on the latest decisions, thinks the official made the right decision as it was a “bad tackle”.

Speaking on Sky Sports News, Gallagher said: “I think definitely. I think he lunges in, he skims the top of the ball, he catches his opponent hard across the shin with his studs. I think it’s a red card.

When asked if it’s the fact that he launched, Gallagher added: “I think he’s lost control of his body, hasn’t he? For that temporary second. He’s reaching for the ball. he thinks he can win it. He’s just mis-timed it but the rest is bad, I think. I think it’s a bad tackle.”

Asked if people would be right to say he shouldn’t be sent off because he won the ball, Gallagher replied: “Well I don’t think he did win the ball, did he? He gets a touch on the top of the ball, he almost skims off the top of the ball and he goes into his opponent’s shin, so I don’t think he won the ball.”

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