Man Utd player who has ‘properly gone’ is slammed for making the Red Devils ‘play with 10 men’

Joe Williams
Man Utd duo Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes
Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes celebrate against Chelsea.

Casemiro has “properly gone” off the ball with the Man Utd midfielder making the Red Devils “play with 10 men” against Chelsea, according to ESPN pundit Craig Burley.

Man Utd lost 4-3 to Chelsea on Thursday night with Cole Palmer scoring twice in second-half injury time to completely wipe out the Red Devils’ 3-2 lead and give the Blues all three points.

Burley: Having Casemiro on was like ‘playing with 10 men’

It was another disappointing result for the Red Devils, who put in a terrible performance against Brentford in a 1-1 draw on Saturday, with the pressure mounting on Erik ten Hag to turn around displays and results.

Casemiro, who signed from Real Madrid for £70m in the summer of 2022, has suffered with injuries this term but his performances have been criticised when he has played this term.

And former Scotland and Celtic player Burley insists Casemiro allowed Chelsea players to run past him too easily on Thursday and reckons his legs have “properly gone”.

Burley said on ESPN: “You’ve got to give them some credit, they’ve already lost a bunch of defenders, Evans comes on at 36, he has to go off, they are already playing with 10 men.

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“And I mean that in the nicest possible way, off the ball, because Casemiro has gone. Gone, properly gone.

“He cannot move, you can walk through the middle of that park. He cannot get around the field and when he goes home, when they go home tonight, he’s got this big long contract.”

Gary Neville: The Casemiro signing never should have gone through

Man Utd will be hoping to avoid signing expensive flops like Casemiro in the future and Gary Neville admitted earlier this year that someone at the club should’ve vetoed the deal to bring in the five-time Champions League winner.

“Coming in from an owner’s perspective, you employ a head of recruitment who you think is the best guy out there at spotting talent, that will bring value to your club,” Neville told the Stick to Football podcast in January.

“You’ve got a sporting director equally, who will be thinking the same way – their loyalty is to the club and to make sure we win games. A manager’s job is purely to think about the immediate short term and getting results for himself.

“Casemiro is perfect example of a short-term signing that is going to cost in the long term. That signing never should have gone through a good sporting director, a good owner, and a good head of recruitment. That signing should have never gone through, it should have been a veto.”