Man Utd fans to blame? Pull the other one…they’ve been ‘patient’ with Maguire and Pogba

Date published: Sunday 10th July 2022 12:39 - Editor F365

Man Utd supporters hold up a Cristiano Ronaldo cut out

The debate rages in the Mailbox as to whether Man Utd fans are partly to blame for the current mess at Old Trafford. Plus, Dutch only, Man City miracles, Nunez judgement and much more…

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Man Utd fans to blame? Pull the other one…
There has been a lot of abuse of utd players and it didn’t start when Fergie left. The abuse also isn’t dished out by utd fans, it is the ‘neutrals’ that do that. Beckham, Keane, Neville, Schmeichel, Cantona, Ronaldo (Mk I), Rooney and co were continuously abused by rivals. The abuse of Ronaldo Mk II has been by tabloids and rivals too – utd fans will always love Ronaldo whether he stays or goes but most would probably be quite happy for him to have a chance to win more trophies wherever he goes, should he leave. But ultimately, if he wants to go the club should allow him to do whatever he wants – he’s given us everything and we will always be grateful to him for that. United fans have shown a massive amount of patience (hope) with one Paul Pogba and only really turned against him recently after several seasons of underperformance in the periods of the season when he bothers to be available for selection. Utd fans have also been patient with Maguire despite ridicule from tabloids and other fans. There’s still a good player in there when he pulls on an England shirt so there’s a fair chance he can find his feet again at utd – maybe he just needs some time off.

Neutral fans also choose to beat down regularly on Rashford, Sancho, Fred and AWB in particular. Fred was probably the worst treated of all time and he has been given no credit from any of his abusers for going from being a laughing stock to being one of the first names on the team sheet – there’s an article in that which no-one will write. I saw a player in Fred in his first season despite criticism of him and I’m very happy for him that he’s proved everyone wrong. AWB is abused by non utd fans to a ridiculous extent despite the fact that he’s still one of the best defenders in the league. And he can contribute going forwards, despite what tabloid opinion would have you believe. Sancho has just finished a first difficult season, he’ll get better, as will Rashford.

Utd fans rightly save their abuse for the way the club is run. The transfer dealings are a shambles, we waste money on the wrong positions, waste money on ageing players and somehow tie players to contracts that no other club could compete with. We can’t sell our players on as other clubs can’t afford to buy out their contracts or pay anything near their wages. Until this changes Utd will struggle to improve. But whether it changes or not has no impact on my loyalty to the club, players and managers I’ve supported for 40 years.

If the club expect an instant return to champions league then the manager merry go round will continue. If fans expect it then they’re not too clever either. Getting back to the top table is a long term project that can only begin when utd realise this and stop with the short term strategies for instant success that prove so entertaining for our rivals.
Jon, Cape Town (when Chelsea and City unlocked the cheat codes it still required a long term plan to convert to success)


Lee has confused match going fans with Internet keyboard warriors, match going fans have been behind every manager and player were as your troll spouts racist vitriol and wild theories with gay abandon. So, no proper fans don’t need to take any blame for the current malaise that is purely at the feet of the owners and the muppets like Woodward employed by them.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Dutch only…
Why do United, or rather, why does Ten Hag, keep ONLY going for Dutch players? Ok! They are no doubt, good players, who he knows, because he’s previously worked with them. But, we’re not assembling the fuckin Dutch National Squad here. We’re trying to assemble a new line up, of Man Utd.

Get some German players, or some Spanish or Italian. Or even some South American unknowns. And…For god sake…Get Paulo Dybala. He now free. We were after him before. And nobody else, is going for him, at the moment. And why, oh why, are we bothering with Frankie de Jong? It’s been going on, for over a month now, and we want, and need players. And we need them, to make a decision. He is apparently, not even for sale, according to Barcelona. Or at least, their President. He doesn’t want to come to United. He’s already stated that.

He’s no doubt being like Cristiano Ronaldo. In that, he doesn’t want to play, in the Europa League next season. And for Ronaldo…Why not?? It’s a VERY NICE trophy, that he’s NEVER won. So, it would be another one, to add to his long list of trophies he’s won. And we’ll be, back in the Champions League next season anyway. Possibly, if we win, the Europa League. And he’s also apparently bothered that Messi, will catch up, with his Champions League goal tally. Be fuckin serious…Ronaldo is on 141 goals and Messi is on 125.

Messi ain’t no way, gonna score 17 Champions League goals, in one season. His scoring, is in question, for PSG anyway. So, no way, will he score 17. Just hope Ten Hag also sees, we have a stack of young talent, already at the club, and utilities them. Because, not all of our last managers have.

With Garnacho, Iqbal, Mejbri, Shoretire, Tuanzebe, Pellistri, Diallo, van de Beek, Garner, McTominay, Dalot, Chong, Alvaro Fernandez.
This could be, the start, of another ‘Class Of 92’ type team. ‘Class Of 22’ maybe?

“You can’t win anything, with kids”, was something stated, on a ‘Match Of The Day’, but ex scouser Alan Hansen. When we put Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Giggs, and Gary and Phil Neville out.

How wrong was he? United could be really good next season, if they spend well, on players from across the board, and utilise the excellent young talent, we ALREADY have. Plus, with the addition of Christian Eriksen. Come on you reds. We finished 2nd in 2020/21…with not much of a different team. 2022/23 should be our year. U.N.I.T.E.D!


Unfair judgement
One thing has been puzzling me lately.

When talking about Liverpool some pundits (Merson springs to mind but it’s not just him) keep saying it’ll be tough for Nunez coming to premier League and we will struggle if he doesn’t hit the ground running.

But nobody is saying the same of haaland. It seems to be a given he’ll just stroll in and win the golden boot every year. Do these people ever watch German football? I do. Defending is almost non contact there and you get given so much space, it’s the reason I said Sancho would struggle for 15 months or so.

Portuguese league however is a bit more similar to premier League. Players do dive way more but the physical side of football is a lot more present there than Germany and teams tend to mark quite closely.

I’m not saying haaland is a bad player he clearly is exceptionally good. But superb players come here and fail all the time – crespo, shevchenko, morientes, veron etc were all world class players who struggled because they came from a league which was less physical, offered much more space and was lower tempo. Haaland is coming from a league with the same attributes so it’s just as likely he’d struggle at first as well.

So why does nobody say the same things of haaland that they say of Nunez? If it’s because haaland is more talented then see above. You can be exceptionally gifted and still fail in premier League.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter, I just find it a little annoying that everyone assumes haaland will slot in and immediately bag a hattrick every week.


Man City “miracles”
Just jumping on Paul K’s assertion that City are working miracles with their transfer dealings.

Now, as a starter for ten, City are a very well run footballing operation. Haaland is a great player and a great addition.

I’ve never seen Alvarez play, so not sure how hyperbolic the claim that he’s “South America’s best young forward” is, but everything I’ve heard and read about him is encouraging. I do note he only really managed to become a starter in the River team this year, at the age of 21, so he may be excellent, but (i) that doesn’t exactly scream best young player, with players breaking into first teams and getting their moves to Europe at increasingly young ages (not that he’s over the hill or hasnt got every chance of making it at the top level), (ii) that he’ll be anywhere near ready to start games for City regularly in the PL; or (iii) that he’s anything like a sure thing to achieve the standards that Sterling or Jesus have. Still, £14m for, by all accounts, a genuine prospect sounds like good business.

But that’s not the point of this email the point is to state that Erling Haaland, great player though he is, did not just cost City £51m. That is the (reported) figure that was paid to Dortmund. He’ll also have commanded some of the biggest agent’s fees, signing on bonuses and, of course, “dad fees” of any player to have ever played the game. Some of the figures getting reported peg it at more like £85-90m, but that’s just speculation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the true figure was alot bigger – but who knows?

There’s also his wages. Reportedly £375k a week, or pushing £100m over the life of his contract. That’s a, admittedly very good, 22 year old being parachuted in on the same wages as City’s PL-proven starter player Kevin de Bruyne. That’s a figure that is more or less the same as what Rodrigo, Bernard Silva and Ruben Dias earn combined, so you can be sure that there will be upward pressure when they, and various other of City’s players next negotiate their deals.

I’m not saying that Haaland is a bad signing (though with his recent history of muscle trouble at just 22…) but he was no bargain. He was collasally expensive.

I mean, let’s out this in perspective, one week of Haaland’s salary is enough to pay a nurse for over ten years, or Anthony Martial for a week and a half….
Andy (MUFC)

Ugh – United make some bad financial decisions…


Jesse Marsch
Love your website but I don’t get your hatred of Jesse Marsch. It’s like you’ve moved on from Frank Lampard to another target to dislike. You can criticise the club generally (last year was terrible) but this does seem personal.

I understand that we may lose both Phillips and Raphinha and barely survived last year but we did, so deal with it. I’m not expecting him to replace Bielsa directly but he has been very effective this summer in buying six players and only selling one. We may not even sell Raphinha (at least until after the world cup).

Our squad is bigger with more senior players and competition for places. A new left back and another striker and we are set. That’s down to Marsch being decisive and wanting to buy new players to fit his system (something which every manager does and usually gets praise for).

I disagree that our squad is weaker than last year. I don’t remember Bielsa getting grief for having a paper thin squad.

He’s not the best manager and he’s not the worst so give him a chance in a full season before writing him off. Other managers are in more danger of the sack objectively (Hassenhuttl needs a consistent season without a 9 nil thrashing or form falling off a cliff).

I get you don’t like him, like Lampard, but try and be objective.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch.

Snowflakes – Right to reply!
I enjoyed the replies to my mail and as usual there are some valid points. But again, we are in a situation where we are asked not to believe what we see with our own eyes. Everything we see leads us to believe that Man Utd players are mentally weak (snowflakes was Piers’s word, not mine). I know using the words “mentally” and “weak” would probably constitute a hate crime these days, but if we can see it, Its ok to acknowledge the truth.

Greg from Tampa gives us a nice list of PAST achievements of the Man Utd squad. Thats great Greg, but we currently live in the present…a present where Marcus Rashford misses chances he would’ve finished 3 or 4 years ago, Harry Maguire makes decisions he wouldn’t have made 3/4 years ago, Luke Shaw turns from World Beater, to Sunday League substitute, Paul Pogba hobbles off “injured” in vital clashes, Bruno turns from midfield maestro to a petulant child in the space of 12 months. For sure the management/club is to blame for a lot of this mess, but my god, these players can’t even do the basics. I was lucky to go to the Atletico V United game in Madrid. I have never seen so many “elite” footballers hide away from receiving a pass. Call this what you want, but mentally weak seems to fit.

There’s a reason Klopp called his team “mentality monsters”. It’s because he realizes that a strong mentality is vital to a successful team. It’s as important a trait as speed, skill and strength. So, if one of the best managers in the world knows that a strong mentality is central to winning, then it goes to say that a weak mentality is central to losing? Or do we just need to pretend now that this isn’t true because it’s not nice to say it out loud? Ok cool, you lads can live in your dream world, I’ll sit here grumpily in reality.

Many premier league clubs employ sports psychologists. Why do Greg , Lee and Dave think this is? Ill answer the question for you lads, even though you already know the answer… Its because being psychologically strong is an important aspect of a winning team. I’m not saying having mental health issues makes you weak. I’m not saying you should be embarrassed. I’m just saying, in sporting terms, a strong mentality is central to winning things.

In a mail where I call Piers Morgan “an obnoxious tool, a simpleton” and “an idiot”… the main take from the mailbox is that I’m a Piers Morgan sympathizer, all because he said something fairly obvious. People would rather warp their version of reality to avoid agreeing with Piers than to just roll their eyes, agree and move on with their day…

If Vladimir Putin came out and said the Beatles were great, we would have a mailbox full of people saying they always preferred The Osmonds…

Such is life these days…

Enjoy the sun folks!


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