Man Utd fans need Hojlund hope and England actually need Henderson

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Man Utd star Hojlund
Rasmus Hojlund comes on for Anthony Martial.

Yes, Man Utd have got a bit giddy about Rasmus Hojlund but they need it after that run of strikers. Plus, England need experience actually.

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Let us have Hojlund hope
You’re right, the hype over Holjund at United is overblown, especially off the back of a 30 minute sub appearance where he didn’t score. However, leaving aside the awful Manchester Evening News (which was a brilliant paper back in the day) and their clickbait pandering I do think the excitement for Rasmus is somewhat justified. Not because of his stats or physical presence – the lad is huge! – but because of how very terrible United have been at signing a decent striker. Any hint of that changing and we’re there with bells on.

Since Fergie left 10 years ago we’ve signed eight strikers, none have been good, some have been not terrible, but mostly they’ve been shite. We’ve had three loanees (Falcao/Ighalo/Weghorst) because we were desperate and broke, two free transfers (Zlatan/Cavani) because we were desperate and broke, and 3 for £140m plus wages (Lukaku/Martial/Ronaldo) because who are we if we’re not spending stupid money on indolent millionaires who’d rather throw tantrums than stick the ball in the net.

We’re a past their best 8 time divorcee with personal and financial problems sat alone at a bar drowning our sorrows. Please don’t begrudge us the blush of excitement when the 20 year old 6”4 blonde foreigner walks in and asks us to dance.
Dave, Manchester (9th time lucky and ready to be hurt again)

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Ramsey Street
You were born in 1990.You’re lucky enough to have started your career at your hometown club but you’re better known for your exploits at one of the big seven. You’re at a crossroads in your career. You’re not completely finished and know you’re likely to have one final challenge left before you hang up your boots.

But your name is Aaron Ramsey so you choose to re-sign for Cardiff City.

Henderson’s wages dwarf Rambo’s but whose was the better choice? I’m going with our Aaron every time.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Always #GarethOut
I’m shamelessly #GarethOut and have been since the early days of his appointment. Why? Because he was never actually any good, and only appointed because he had the right face. In his defence, he didn’t even want the job (or at least that’s what he claimed).

Yes, he brought some players in and turfed some out (like pretty much all managers do when they start), and yes he did perfectly well in some tournaments. But with the talents at his disposal, that was not particularly surprising. His relative success only seemed so great because his predecessors were so terrible.

These guys play for some of the biggest clubs in world football, in the toughest leagues. They play in CL finals and compete for the league or titles most years. They aren’t amateurs, overachieving. Being at the pointy end of these tournaments is to be expected. Semi-finals should be the min expectation for them every tournament.

Gareth strikes me as a perfectly nice guy, fairly smart, who was perfectly decent at football himself but never that special. As a judge of player, he’s just ‘fine’. As a tactician, he’s dyed-in-the-wool defence-oriented and timid at a time we are blessed with attacking and creative players.

This is a guy who – to take this last game alone – has huge talent at the core of an excellent City side in Foden but doesn’t play him, a player ripping up the Spanish league but plays him out of position to accommodate a creaking artefact he’s hung his hat on (in a game where he was always superfluous), ignores one of our best left forwards to do that, ignores another player in absolutely cracking form, but picks a player in terrible form and who has barely started a game for his club for a year that they can’t even sell. In this game alone, away to a side we should beat handsomely, he fielded ix defenders, one of our best players fully out of position and leaving others warming the bench.

However you see the period under his stewardship – and even as someone opposed to it, I can appreciate there have been improvements in some areas – the time has more than come for change. If he’s still there for the tournament proper, we’ll do perfectly ok, hit our par but do no better. In the biggest games, his timidity will be the downfall as it always has been. And after that, our star striker and (sometime) penalty king will be on the way down the wrong side of the mountain.

For what it’s worth (appreciably, probably very little), I’ve watched at least 95% of England games over the last 25 years. I literally preferred to watch glue drying while doing hateful DIY than watch this one.
Badwolf (Still, and always, #GlazersOut)

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Reputation and experience does matter
If it wasn’t important, every manager would select a new crop of players for every international camp based solely on form. Kane doesn’t score for a couple games at Bayern, boom he’s out and welcome Nketiah! Saka goes 3-4 games without a goal or assist – you’re up Solly!! Too many selected on form only is naive. A couple like Madders and Guehi, no problem, but I don’t see people writing in saying either of those were brilliant and clearly justified in being selected.

Mailboxers hammering Henderson for turning up and representing his country to the best of his ability and application – something he has done with immense pride for years. How dare he?

The same mailboxers have issues with Southgate picking him to be in the squad and contribute for an early September match when in all reality if he was still at Liverpool he’d have played probably 100-180 minutes of Premier League football at least by now for aspiring champions because… he’s a good footballer! Sold in July before the season kicked off and not adequately replaced after missing August’s targets, Klopp would surely have played him in the first prem games of the season. But he’s crap now because he went to Saudi right? Instantly regressed as a footballer and professional athlete/leader the second he stepped off the jet?

What’s the alternative – Phillips who played 6 mins this season? Your da could play the last 6 mins in City’s midfield when up 4-1. Serial winner Connor Gallagher? Get a grip. Bellingham deeper? Sure, give more structure and defensive responsibilities to the fella who’s been rattling them in for none other than Real Madrid.

Always someone needing beat with your stick. Would love for Hendo to pop up and score a winner against the Scots so you all wind your necks in before turning your attention to the next target.
P.S. Trent really could be the business for your lot in midfield.


Why would you want Brighton’s exes?
Just reading the article from Johnny Nic re Southgate out Potter in – made me think but is Potter all he’s cracked up to be?

In fact, are any of the ex-Brighton players and managers any good?

It seems they are good at Brighton and then turn to poop thereafter.

Potter failed at Chelsea, and what did Chris Hughton achieve post-Brighton? Sacked by Forest and now managing Ghana, to no great effect.

Neil Maupay, Knockaert, Ben White, Marc Cucurella, failures

Caicedo looks to be on his way to being a hugely expensive flop too.

Jury out on McAllister at Liverpool, Yves Bissouma at Spurs, Dan Burn at Newcastle and Trossard at Arsenal. Some might turn out OK.

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek of course, I am not suggesting that they are absolute rubbish, but you have to admit that they looked world-beaters at Brighton and not so much afterwards. Is there a Brighton curse?
Mike, CFC (Let’s stop buying from Brighton)


Dear Dan
Dan, country that offends us so is the one that literally kills people for being gay. That’s not dodgy, it’s abhorrent.
Jon, Lincoln


Pizza? Really?
Is Tim “Southgate should not be England manager because of the Euro 96 penalty miss pizza advert” for parody or is he actually for real? It is the English way to laugh at our misfortune and laugh at ourselves. Talk about having a sense of humour bypaas for 27 years. And Hoddle and Pearce were in that advert too. Were they laughing in the face of a distraught nation as well?
Dan, London


Evan knows I’m miserable now
I think if Ferguson had played yesterday, we might have had a chance of a positive result. The idea that he might (impossibly) switch to England infuriates me. Declan Rice and Jack Grealish were brought up as underage players by Ireland. I want England to fail, but I really want those two to fail hard for their unbelievable disloyalty.

Won’t happen, but it’s nice to have a grudge.