Five reasons why Man Utd will win the Premier League as Pep Guardiola inferiority made plain

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Ten Hag Man Utd
Erik ten Hag has won two trophies in two seasons as Man Utd boss.

Manchester United will win the Premier League thanks to the Erik ten Hag chaos and four more reasons, while Carlo Ancelotti confirms himself as the world’s best.

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Real Madrid out of nowhere
Well, I thought tonight might be a time for me to try my hand at some kind of tactical analysis mail to add something a bit more thoughtful than my debut effort, but after Hummels’ failed Suarez attempt and Maatsen’s brain fart there didn’t seem much point to it. Real conjure up two goals from nowhere *again*, and with that the exceptional defensive performances from Ryerson and Hummels against Vinicius and Maatsen and Schlotterbeck against Rodrygo; Adeyemi having Carvajal on toast all game until his substitution (which of course was pretty much the exact moment Carvajal scored at the other end); Füllkrug’s excellent hold-up play and near-game changing effort… all rendered inconsequential by this absolute behemoth of European football. It’s gotten to the stage now where you have to wonder if Real are capable of playing a Champions League knockout game any other way than being second-best all night and always coming out on top. Congratulations have to go to them, especially Kroos on his last night for the club and Bellingham on his first on this stage (although neither were playing at their best), and commiserations to a Dortmund side who in that first half came within an inch of something extraordinary.

Actually, one to add to that list of Dortmund performances: Gregor Köbel in goal had a really quiet night first half and then just suddenly pulled off a string of spectacular saves, only to be undone by Maatsen. Honestly a player I’m surprised hasn’t been rumoured to go anywhere for a good few years, although after that eye-catching performance he might show up on the Chelsea shortlist this summer.
J, Spurs fan in Yorkshire (hoping I can think of a better epithet before this one sticks)

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Liverpool did well to swerve Adeyemi
I’ve enjoyed the crow on my Dortmund-to-stun prediction, farted, spat out feathers and a beak.  Glad my pre-match convictions weren’t strong enough for a wagering on the books anywhere.

Stating the utterly obvious now, but Karim Adeyemi needed to capitalize on one of his clutch of several good chances while Dortmund were for so long so ascendent.  That he didn’t is either down to his muddled brain fog in front of goal or BVB’s predictable adherence to Madrid’s very well-worn script of living dangerously title after title– or both.

Adeyemi was strongly linked to Liverpool a few seasons ago and I’m so thankful it never materialized.  The last thing we need is empty footspeed in our side; what we do need is composure, nous, someone to poach.  Adeyemi has pace to burn but sadly, not much else, and while young enough to improve upon his not much else, there is never a guarantee any player makes it back to the grandest stage of the game.  Unless that is, you happen to play for Real Madrid (ffs).
Eric, Los Angeles  CA  (If Calvino wishes to disclose the podcast mentioned in his letter maybe I’ve the time for it.)


As a Brit living in Spain, I constantly have to endure everyone back home and the expats here crowing every five minutes about how the Premier league is the best quality football on the planet. I never stop getting told it’s by far the best league and dismissing any achievements of clubs outside England (the most common retort I heard this seaon when I raise Levekusens achievements “Yeah but it’s only Germany”) . Your website should really be called as you have hardly any coverage of anything outside of your little Englander view of the world.

Whilst the the Premier league may be the most entertaining it’s certainly nowhere near the Spanish league on the technical level. This is borne out in the European competitions where Spain totally dominates England. Modric, Nacho, Kroos and Carvajal now have the same number of European Cups as England’s greatest European team Liverpool have managed to achieve in their whole history. Real Madrid have built their success in recent years through smart business and without dirty Russian Oliargarch money or Arabic state money.

The Premier league used to have the best managers but look at who Chelsea have just signed to run the club and Liverpool also, once Guardiola is gone next season you’ll have no managers of real note other than Emery and he is Spanish.

The Premier league is a league in decline no matter how much you dress it up and bang on about it to the rest of us around the world. Your second best team this season got schooled by the weakest Bayern team in decades who won absolutely zip and finished behind Stutgart!!!

You’ve sold your souls to Abu Dhabi, Saudi, US and China and you don’t even realise you’re living in a soulless corporate machine.

Best wishes from a celebratory Spain!!
Robert – Marbella
PS This will never get published as it doesn’t kiss the behind of your golden goose cash cow that you all worship daily – The Cult of the Premier League! HALA MADRID!!!! 

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Ancelotti over Guardiola
After yet another Real Madrid Champions League win I think we need to admit one thing. Ancelotti is the best manager in the world. Not only has he won the CL 5 times but numerous domestic titles across 4 countries.

He has also won more Champions league games than any other manager.

Let’s not forget he also managed Everton for no reason whatsoever. I guess he really hates being unemployed.

No manager today can hold a candle to him (no not even the grumpy Spaniard at 115 Charges FC)


Ancelotti is Thanos
He is inevitable.
Nik (CL a farmers league?), Paris


Give Man Utd the Prem
Over the next 5 bulletin points I will explain unequivocally why Manchester United will DEFINITELY win the premier league title next year

1. Ten Hag’s Chaos Football

Erik Ten hag has been berated over the entire season for having no style of play and no identity. However, an Ajax team capable of winning 3 eredivises in a row and capitulating to TOTTENHAM in a champions league semi final, is the clear mark of an absolute chaos merchant. With Liverpool replacing a dynasty manager, Pep and KDB bored AF and Arteta being Arteta, chaos will reign supreme next year and Ten Hag will thrive.

2. The Youngsters

Clearly, Garnacho has done the ‘Sui’ celebration on numerous occasions so we can safely assume he is the next CR7. We can expect another year of steady progress before he surely wins at least 5 ballon d’ors. Hojlund, sounds like Haaland, 25 league goals sorted. While this email is tongue in cheek, Kobbie Mainoo is him and I will not slander him in any way.

3. Masterclass

Outplayed City and Pep in a final. Pep who’d won 21 in 24 finals or something like that, he now knows how to prepare the team properly, providing none of his 4 most expensive signings start

4. Rashford’s Vibes

Good, shit, good, shit, good, shit, good, shit, ? Notice the pattern? Rashford will score 20+ league goals next year, unless he leaves, I’m worried about that , lots of people are keen to leave contracts worth 350k a week with 4 years left on them.

5. Blind Faith

This one’s self explanatory
George, Croydon

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Tangible success or good football?
MAW, the reason clubs value reaching top 4 is because it means you qualify for the CL – the top competition – and this has extra money and (theoretically) greater ability to attract players.

However, the money is useless if you waste it, the competition is pointless if you don’t do well in it and the supposed greater attraction isn’t necessarily true. Because in the end, money and history talk louder. Do you think Bellingham wouldn’t have joined Real if they missed out on the CL? Would he have picked Arsenal or an Italian club instead? Will Villa have greater power to attract players than United will do this summer? Indeed, will Arsenal? I suggest no on all counts (unless somehow Mbappe has lost his mind and joins you).

We didn’t want to come 8th, though many teams would love to and rightly so. The FA Cup is a great silver lining but it’s never the primary aspiration as it comes down to individual games which can go wrong (like the final did for City). If Arsenal were 4th and miles back from challenging, the FA Cup would be valued. Coming close second feels better but will still not enter the annals of history or your trophy room but an FA Cup does.

It’s up to you how you feel, and where you are on your club’s journey. This year, for us, an FA Cup is an upturn at the end of a hard season and a demonstration that the manager can win when he has a mostly fit side, something that presumably is in the mind of the owners.

I guess in the end it depends whether you remember moments of pleasure marked with a tangible success or a season where you enjoy some good football but in the end, end up with nothing.
Badwolf (coming second to club 115 is almost as good as a title, in fairness). 


Branthwaite nothing like Phil Jones
Oh Dave. Dave, Dave Dave..

1. Branthwaite isn’t Left Footed, he’s comfortable with both. He plays as a left sided CB.
2. I’ve watched him all season as a STH, the kid is calmness personified so no idea why you’re making up this nonsense about him panicking under pressure.
3. He’s absolutely nothing like Phil Jones
4. He’s the best CB I and many others have seen in a long time and only going to get better- yet you think he couldn’t get in the Utd team?!
Have a quick google about how highly Ancellotti rates him. I take his opinion over yours all day long.

And finally for yourself and the many other Utd fans who think he’s an easy transfer… you haven’t been a draw for top players for a long time.
This isn’t the Fergie era, Utd are a firmly mid table team team these days and have been a mess for a long time.
Trust me if we decided to sell JB, far bigger and more attractive teams will be interested.
Ian, EFC


Man Utd might cracked it under Ole
It was clear from Matt’s mail that he was anything but unbiased .However one thing that struck is this ,Why is Ole still considered our nadir or an example of poor management.He was still used as the punchline for the gag.

He finished 2nd and 3rd in the seasons he completed Utd have only been that high 2 out of 8 seasons without him .  Arteta took 3 seasons to get that high up the table( Arteta let’s not forget started with an 8th,8th and 5th finish)

He was fairly consistent in cup competitions without ever winning ,Arteta till date has one FA cup  which he got by winning a semi final and final .

This was done with Lindelof and Maguire as starting centre backs and a central midfield of MCFred

With Hindsight this isn’t a bad record .Who is  to say what might have been with a bit more backing United might have finally cracked it.
Roode MUFC
PS …..Willing to accept  Rooney and Lampard are probably horrible managers.


Question for both city and non city fans
For the city fans – if your club is indeed found guilty will you admit and accept your trophies were won unfairly and therefore not really valid? Or will you say the rules are bullshit anyway and not change your opinion?

For the non city fans – in the event city are found not guilty will you admit city won their trophies fairly and deserve them or refuse and make up some nonsense about corruption and backhand payments etc?

I’m genuinely curious whether people will actually accept the verdict they don’t want.