Man Utd need to ‘get cracking’ because the transfer window OPENS in two days

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Man Utd want Min-Jae

Manchester United really are dragging their heels; the transfer window opens in two days and they are being left behind by Liverpool.


Get cracking, Manchester United
It’s a full two days before the transfer window actually officially opens on June 14 so WHAT THE F*** ARE MANCHESTER UNITED PLAYING AT? How have they not already signed somebody? This is getting embarrassing now.

The Mirror have nailed it with this headline:

Glazers are threatening Erik ten Hag’s Man Utd progress as rivals make transfer gains

Mediawatch is assuming that Manchester United have designs on a title challenge so presumably their ‘rivals’ are Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Of those five clubs, a grand total of one – Liverpool – has made a ‘transfer gain’. This really is ‘threatening Erik ten Hag’s Man Utd progress’.

Columnist Andy Dunn (who happens to hail from Liverpool) is right to say that the Man Utd takeover saga has dragged on rather longer that it should but the hysteria about transfers is utterly ludicrous. The transfer window opens on June 14, fella.

How can the ongoing uncertainty about who will have long-term stewardship of the club not be a distraction from the urgent business of a summer transfer policy?

Elite rivals are already acting on plans, Liverpool quickly getting the signing of Alexis Mac Allister wrapped up.

And that’s it. No other ‘elite rivals’ have made any signings whatsoever. And as Liverpool finished eight points behind United and a full 22 points behind Manchester City, you could argue that their need was far greater.

It is an open secret Declan Rice will go to Arsenal and that Manchester City will be adding Mateo Kovacic to their midfield roster.

Indeed. But those transfers are not concluded, are they? It’s also an open secret that United will sign Kim Min-jae from Napoli. Does that not count because the narrative is that Manchester United have f***ed it two days before the window opens?

Manchester United’s recruitment department might have detailed plans – it would be negligent if they did not – but, quite simply, they need to get cracking.

They really do need to ‘get cracking’ as they have just 11-and-a-half weeks to get their transfers completed before the window slams shut. Tick-tock.

United have been linked with Kim Min-jae but the big-money signing of the Napoli centre-half could well hinge on the possible sale of Harry Maguire.

It could. But all suggestions are that it doesn’t. And your own website – and pretty much everybody else – is reporting that the transfer can only be concluded in July because that’s when his release clause kicks in.

That is just one element of Ten Hag’s squad building that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, along with the need for a world-class striker, while the goalkeeping issue is surely a matter of extremely pressing importance.

Perhaps the Old Trafford hierarchy somehow has these matters in hand but it still feels as though United are in some sort of limbo.

You think they might ‘somehow have these matters in hand’? Like they did last year when they made their first transfer on July 5 and yet ‘somehow’ improved their squad considerably over the summer?

But this is clearly the theme of this nascent summer as elsewhere on the Mirror football homepage we are told…

Ange Postecoglou closes in on first Tottenham transfer as Man Utd miss out on target

The story? That Tottenham are close to agreeing terms with David Raya but – like Man Utd – are refusing to meet Brentford’s asking price. Nobody is ‘closing in’ on anybody.

But this is just excellent. And when we say ‘excellent’…

Erik ten Hag warned of rival interest in Man Utd transfer target likened to Erling Haaland

The quotes are from Northern Ireland boss and renowned transfer expert Michael O’Neill, who says of Rasmus Hojlund: “Hojlund’s a player who, at his age, must be on the wishlist of every big club in Europe.”

Manchester United really do need to get cracking.


If you’re looking for Treble…
It’s two days since Manchester City won the Treble so it’s time to switch talk to the negatives. Over to The Sun we go…

Seven Man City Treble heroes could face the chop this summer with Pep Guardiola ready to replace senior stars

That sounds rather drastic. We know Pep is a hard taskmaster but axing seven of the ‘heroes’ who have just literally won the Treble sounds more than a tad harsh. We hope John Stones is not among them but the odds look stacked against him.

Martin Blackburn begins his piece thus:

MANCHESTER CITY’S Treble winners wrote their name into the history books on Saturday night.

But lifting the Champions League trophy in the Ataturk Stadium in Turkey could be the last time a few of Pep Guardiola’s squad are seen in sky blue.

Hmmm. We’re already thinking that ‘a few’ does not sound like seven. But on we go…

There are question marks over several of the relatively small group of senior players assembled at the Etihad.

And it is possible that a bunch of the stars who have helped them win three trophies will not be sticking around to defend them in August.

We’re already at ‘question marks’ and ‘possible’ and we haven’t even reached the fifth paragraph yet.

So who are these seven ‘heroes’ who ‘could face the chop this summer’?

First up is Ilkay Gundogan, who has been offered a new contract by Manchester City but may choose to go elsewhere, with Barcelona an obvious draw. ‘The chop’? Not so much.

Then there’s Bernardo Silva, who perennially wants to leave but ‘the manager is desperate for him to stay as he knows his versatility makes him so difficult to replace’. Odd way to make somebody ‘face the chop’.

Next up is Riyad Mahrez, who ‘is never happy when he does not play and he has been on the bench for the big games recently’. It feels awfully like it might be his choice if he goes. Three names in and nobody is ‘facing the chop’.

Then there’s Kalvin Phillips, who played a grand total of 593 minutes across all competitions this season. A Treble hero? Really? And anyway, he can’t be ‘chopped’ unless he wants to be ‘chopped’; that’s how contracts work.

Then we race through Joao Cancelo – who was on loan at Bayern Munich for the second half of the Treble season so has very much already been ‘chopped’ – and Aymeric Laporte, who is understandably aggrieved at being sixth-choice centre-back and might well leave. So that’s six.

Bringing up the rear is Kyle Walker and, ‘given that he has just turned 33, it may be that City allow his deal to wind down before making a decision next summer’. So not facing the chop this summer’ then?

So in conclusion, of the 13 ‘Man City Treble heroes’ who played a part in the win over Inter on Saturday night, two might leave this summer. And both of those players are loved by Pep Guardiola, who would very much like to keep them.

So, so ruthless.