Man Utd have no leaders because Mourinho got rid of them…

Date published: Wednesday 24th April 2019 8:36 - Ian Watson

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Mourinho’s biggest mistake?
Monty was mostly right with his email about leadership, bringing in young talent and helping them develop in to leadership roles is the most effective way. The key factor he left out though, is that you need more experienced players in place to help develop your young players into leadership roles. There aren’t a lot of Harry Kane’s out there, young players who just seem to be able to step in and be leader from day one. More often is is a slow process.

City and Liverpool are great examples. City had veteran players like Patrick Viera and Gareth Barry in place while Kompany was still developing, and he was able to learn from them and have some of the pressures of leadership shared. Same with Henderson learning from Gerrard. You create a cycle where as players move out of their playing prime, new leaders step up to take more active roles. You can already see it happening in City with De Bruyne, Sterling, and Bernardo taking more active roles.

Finding those leaders can be extremely difficult though. Most of the time, as a player’s gets past there prime, they leave their clubs to head to foreign leagues to get a last pay day. It is rare to find a player who OK with accepting a smaller wage and less playing time, while also stilling spending the time mentoring younger players. Oddly enough, Man U may have had a player to do this when they signed Bastian Schweinsteiger, but Mourinho promptly ran him out of town.

That may be the most long lasting damage that Mourinho has done to Man U, not just forcing out Schweinsteiger, but actively trying to undermine and force out any other players that may have developed into team leaders. You can even argue that he did the same thing in his second stint at Chelsea. After his time at Real Madrid where he was constantly clashing with strong personalities like Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, he made a decision that he will never find him self in a situation like that again. There is a reason that he always signs Nemanja Matic, a great player who never ever gets mentioned as an inspiring leader.
Ryan, MCFC


During the war…
It’s a good time to be a Liverpool fan. It really is. Second CL semi appearance in a row, fighting for the league. Even if we don’t win anything we can look forward to next season.

However this email is not about my club it’s about the turmoil across the plains at Manchester. It’s funny. It really is. Success comes in cycles. United had a fair few years of success but now it’s time for them to feel what it’s like to be in turmoil. What made me laugh most was all this hype about the second coming of SAF in OGS. Everyone in the media, commentators and studio panels alike were shiting on about how he was bringing back the United way of Sir Alex. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a nice bloke. Met him when I worked in Jamie Oliver’s place in Cardiff and he used to come in to eat when he was managing City.

However being nice means nothing in football. He comes in to a team that was a total disaster with the Grump in charge and oversaw an easy run of games after he was sacked. The players felt free and went out and won games they should win 9 times out of 10. They then went on and beat arsenal and Chelsea and knocked out PSG. Let’s face it that game was an anomaly. They did nothing to win that game but miraculously made it. Then comes a few bad results and it’s gone to sh*t again. Why? OGS is why. Did anyone else notice how much he went on about the last time he was at Nou Camp? Has anyone noticed how he goes on about the good old days of when he played and what it should mean to put on that shirt? He sounds like f*cking Albert Trotter and his during the war bits. News flash Ole, nobody gives a fuck what you and your buddies like Gary and Phil and Nicky did back in the day or how much you ran yourself in to the ground for the shirt. This is 2019. These guys want to be inspired by someone who has some innovative ideas, tactics, style of play. You sound like an SAF wannabe and talking shit about players in the press isn’t gonna help. Look what it did for the Grump. You’re a joke. Stay there for a while though cos I’m enjoying the demise of the club I hate more than anything.

Having said that I’m a Red Devil for 90 mins tomorrow. Come on United!!
Alex (Irishman in NY, LFC)


Derby dilemma
Heading to work this morning a Man Utd fan was on Irish Radio, he said he hoped United will play well but be beaten as he didn’t want Liverpool to win the league. I think real Man United fans want to win tonight, make no doubt about it. Nobody who pays into Old Trafford this evening will sit there and think God I hope City beat us. Imagine it’s 0-0 in the 88th minute, if Pogba skips through midfield and puts Rashford in one on one there won’t be a Man United fan in the world who will be thinking “miss”. You want your team to win, you want your players to play well and you want to qualify for the champions league. United need 3 points tonight. End of….
Robbie DFC  (City will probably score after 4 minutes and we’ll have to endure 90 minutes of garbage then)


…Just wanted to say I’ve been looking forward to tonight for so, so long. I’m ridiculously excited.

On one side an unstoppable force, singleminded in its attempts to dominate all that surround it.

On the other side a group of plucky individuals who on paper have no chance whatsoever due to infighting, age and being randomly thrown together as circumstances have dictated.

Heard there’s a football match on too.
Bill, Aberdeenshire


…United fans would rather be relegated than win against city?!

What an absolute load of tripe.

I would rather see us competing for the title, in a decider, but since it is what it is, I sure as hell hope that those players attempt to win back some goodwill after their disgraceful ‘effort’ against Everton.
Manc (How many managers have to fail with this lot before it finally becomes the players fault?)


Funny you should ask…
Hi there mailbox …. longtime reader … almost first time etc etc
Back at the end of the 1995 season I seem to remember Blackburn paid a visit to Anfield knowing a victory would seal the title. Man Utd we’re playing The Hammers I think with their fate out of their control. Sure enough in the 90th minute Jamie Redknapp smashed in a free kick to gift Utd the title. We all know what happened that season!!

Do you mailboxers have any more incidents you can recall where arch rivals did the other a favour …. whether it was taken advantage of or not ? (cough, cough – MC)
Brian, LFC , Shankill (I’m pretty sure Burnley have a better chance than Utd)


Pogba’s A game
I was playing chess recently with a son of my office colleague, and no matter how hard I tried I can’t seem to beat this nine year old, I did got lucky two or three times. Everyone of the spectators was thinking I was allowing him to win but really I was trying my hardest, that was my A game and it wasn’t enough. What if what we are seeing is Pogbas A game, what if he is trying his best and he’s not lazy? I don’t think a professional player would play this kind of career suicide. If thats the case then I do feel for him.
Umar (bring your B game to the Derby) katsina Lfc


Fight all discrimination
So Sterling wants teams docked 9 points if their fans are caught chanting racist abuse. I think that’s a great idea. We should apply it to all forms of discrimination. So how about every time someone is imprisoned for the crime of being homosexual in the United Arab Emirates, Manchester City are docked 9 points? After all the club’s owners have the power to change that law in the country they run and do nothing. If Sterling is so soncerned about discrimination, is he not worried about the beliefs of those who pay his wages?

This probably won’t be published as Sterling seems to be this website’s golden boy and I fully understand why, he has faced unwarrented abuse and responded with incredible performances on the pitch. However, if you’re going to stand up for what’s right and be the moral compass, surely you need to make sure your own house is in order……If you’re happy to take the coin of people who believe homosexuality to be a crime, it isn’t.


…So Raheem Sterling wants to punish racism by deducting nine points from offending teams? Well let me just apologize in advance to my mother (who got me into Liverpool as a boy with my first jersey) for what she’ll see written about me and the things I am screaming in a Manchester City shirt at the derby today. With all the seriousness in the world, let’s remember to keep making jokes about absolutely everything because that’s how we win.
Niall (a 3 point deduction for Qatari human rights abuses would be plenty), Denver


Best of the rest
Enjoyed reading your top keepers, full backs listings so far. I thought due to constant emails about anything other than Liverpool or Man Utd I would expand it. Therefore below is my ‘Premier League Best of the Rest’. Rule is no one from the big 6 and you can only have one player from each team:-

Goal – Sergio Rico – Fulham – I know, I know but the poor lad has had a hell of a season. He’s been busier than Donald Trumps sun-bed. Give him some recognition.

LB – Lucas Digne – Everton – as F365 stated ‘the 2nd best full back on Merseyside’. It’s still a huge honour. This lad has got the lot, a terrific purchase.

CB – Sol Bamba – Cardiff – 28 appearances, 4 goals 1 assist. They’ve missed him these last few games. He’s 34 as well…. there is hope for us all !

CB – Lewis Dunk – Brighton – been pretty solid all season. Could be an interesting purchase for Wolves, Leicester, even Everton. He’s 27 so ideally should be decent for another few seasons. He’s had to put a shift in but reads the game well from what I have seen

RB – Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Crystal Palace – its already all been said. Utd should buy him, Arsenal could do with him.

DM – Declan Rice – West Ham – the Irish…..sorry English newcomer has had a good season. Must be learning a lot from Noble. Looks a huge prospect for the future but could probably do with another season at Wham.

DM – Pierre Emile Hojbjerg – Southampton – finally finding his feet in the premier league. He’s only 23. Another strong season could see him very much in demand

LM – Ryan Fraser – Bournemouth – tied with Messi for assists this season tells you all you need to know. Only a year left on his contract with Arsenal interested. £25m would probably get him and his wages wouldn’t be too bad. Fits in with Unai’s hard work ethic and would be good to see him given a chance

CM – Joao Moutinho – free kicks, corners, the conductor of the team, and all for £5m, bargain of the season ?

RM – Gerard Deulofeu – Watford – been in and out of the team all season but really starting to become a mainstay. Undoubted skill, maybe a bit lightweight but gaining in confidence. If he was given a free role might be a real handful.

Striker – Jamie Vardy – he’s still got it. And once this team qualifies for the champions league he’s hosting the party…….

So that’s my effort, anyone do any better ?
Ian (tonight and tonight only…..) MUFC


United don’t need Zaha
Why do people keep linking Utd with Zaha? He is not “exactly the player we need”.
We once signed a player just like Zaha, tricky little winger, looked great at a small club. Come to think of it, he came from Palace, looked a bit like Zaha, went back to Palace….what was his name again?
Jon, Cape Town (some big fish need to stay in a small pond)


Rafa’s revenge
Oh no. Cardiff now need a favour from Newcastle. But the toon are now safe…surely Rafa won’t play his reserves at Brighton just to wind up Warnock will he?!
Gareth Dix, CCFC


Brave Brighton
Thank you Mr Dyche for your vivid demonstration of what is turning people off modern day football. Last night Brighton fought to the end without using any time-wasting tactics and they ended up losing to a very late goal. The night before, your troops avoided defeat by blatant cheating, falling over every two minutes knowing full well that the referee could not add enough time. Which game do you think neutral people would prefer to watch? I’m a Palace supporter so you can’t accuse me of favouring Brighton over anyone!
Chris Feather, Greece


Random allegiances
Tom is not the only one to have a few random allegiances, so here are mine;

AC Milan – Kaka was the first player I looked up to when I was young and the fact they played in Red and Black, two of my favourite colours.

Lyon – Juninho, the King of Free Kicks, I say no more.

Wolves – My local team, that is about it really, I am sure many will say “why support Chelsea?” well that was my first football kit so.

Seattle Sounders – As a Seattle Seahawks fan this was the natural next step.
Mikey, CFC

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