Kane told he’s ‘lying’ about Man Utd transfer and ‘huge red flag’ shows he’s not happy at Bayern

Joe Williams
Former Man Utd transfer target Harry Kane
Harry Kane during a Champions League press conference.

Harry Kane wanted to move to Manchester United over Bayern Munich this summer despite what he said in a press conference, according to a body language expert.

The England international swapped Tottenham for the Bundesliga champions over the summer in a deal worth an initial €100m.

Many people were surprised that he chose to leave the Premier League with the 30-year-old closing in on Alan Shearer’s all-time goalscoring record.

With Kane needing just 48 goals to beat it Man Utd was seen as the most likely destination early on in the summer before the Red Devils quickly changed target to Rasmus Hojlund.

The former Tottenham striker revealed interest from “a few clubs” in a pre-match press conference on Tuesday ahead of Bayern Munich’s Champions League clash with Man Utd.

On summer interest from Man Utd, he said: “Obviously Manchester [United] are a great club. A really big club. But I decided to come here and I’m really happy I have.”

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But now a leading body language expert, Darren Stanton, has doubts over Kane’s comments and suggests he was lying about only wanting to join Bayern Munich in the summer transfer window.

Stanton told MyBettingSites: “His body language tells me that he did want to go to Manchester United. His left shoulder moves up and down when he talks about the other clubs that were in talks to sign him, this shrug is something we do when we want to give off the impression that we’re not bothered.

“But that would be the case if both shoulders moved and in this instance, just one of Kane’s shoulders shrug, which means it’s a half-hearted attempt at appearing bothered. To me that’s a red flag about his honesty about being happy and he’s bothered by not being able to go elsewhere.

“When most people start a sentence with ‘to be honest with you’, the chances are that they’re about to lie to you, and this is one of the first things that Harry Kane says before talking about his options in the summer, which is a huge red flag and it tells me that everything he said next was not truthful.

“He uses distancing language when he’s talking about the discussions between Tottenham and Bayern Munich to disassociate himself from the deal. His eyebrows are down and he pierces his lips, showing disappointment at the result.”

Stanton added: “Kane says ‘my focus is on here’ when talking about being happy at Bayern Munich, but his body language contradicts what he says as he shakes his head when saying this. He’s trying to answer in the affirmative, but his non-verbal signals say ‘no’, which is deceptive behaviour and he’s trying to create the impression that he’s happy, but he’s not.

“All his signs are negative. If you were to turn off the sound and watch Kane talk about joining Bayern Munich instead of another club, it would appear like he’s giving or receiving bad news.

“Throughout, furrows appear on his forehead and his eyes come together and piece, showing anger and the fact he’s fed up of talking about the decision to join Bayern Munich.

“He closes his eyes when talking about the decisions that have been made, which is cognitive overload and tells me he can’t stand to carry on the lies anymore. He closes his eyes for a microsecond, but that’s a shift in behaviour that he wasn’t doing throughout and tells me he is lying – if he’d have done this from the start it would have been a part of his baseline behaviour.”