‘Your club needs you, Gary Neville’ – Man Utd fans want #OleOut

Date published: Sunday 3rd October 2021 9:46 - Editor F365

Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scratches his head

More Man Utd fans are turning #OleOut after their draw with Everton. Send your thoughts to theeditor@football365.com


Ole in until someone else comes in?
Ok, NOW’s the time to be pissed off about United. Ole is a legend at Old Trafford (etc. etc.) and I really want him to be a success (blah blah blah) but F*** ME our performances are making it really hard to support him as manager at the moment.

I have to admit to flip flopping between #oleout and #olein (the last time I admitted to being #oleout almost a year ago we went on a great run and looked like we were getting somewhere) but in addition to this latest performance, Ole’s post match comments might be pushing me over the edge, one paragraph in particular:

“We need to be better at when to risk it, how not to be counter-attacked. That’s the key lesson today because they do create big chances on quick breaks.”

Let’s break that down a bit.

“We need to be better at when to risk it and when not to be counter-attacked.”

Too f**king right we need to better, not just at “when to risk it and when not to be counter-attacked” but at playing the actual game of football. It wouldn’t matter if we conceded once in every game if we scored two but our myriad of expensive and/or highly talented players have got no clue how to break down any team that sits deep, which against United is about 90% of teams. We can’t keep relying on the individual magic of Bruno to create something, (and Pogba, the six or seven times a season he shows up) there needs to be some sort of plan. Last time I checked, that was Ole’s job. If there is any sort of pattern of play that he’s trying to get the players to do beyond counter-attacking then it’s not apparent to anyone watching the games and it doesn’t appear to be apparent to the players.

“When not to risk it”? Well firstly it shouldn’t be as big a risk as it is at the moment. As the defence is usually either a shambolic mess or woefully unprotected every time we have the ball it’s a counter-attack is an enormous risk so against Everton over 70% of the time. With the money spent on that squad and the talent within it it should not be that big of a risk. And given this risk is so big we shouldn’t be learning when not to be counter-attacked (never would be good though) we should be learning to deal with them when our own insipid attacks inevitably break down.

“That’s the key lesson today”

Today? You’ve been manager for nearly 3 years, United have been vulnerable to counter attacks that entire time (almost certainly getting worse) and today’s the day you’ve decided to learn that lesson? Sorry Ole, but that’s at least 2 seasons too slow. And again, if we could actually use the attacking talent at our disposal then the risk of counter-attacks would reduce as people would be too petrified of being that bloody cheeky and we’d score more goals anyway. If you’ve chosen today to learn this key lesson then I hope you’ve actually figured out how to fix it so we don’t have to put up with it for the rest of time.

“Because they do create big chances on quick breaks”

I’m assuming “they” is Everton but really it’s every team that United have played and had greater possession against, particularly at Old Trafford. I like the way Ole dropped this in as if he had some knowledge of Everton’s style of play when really he found have said this about almost any United game this season. In our last 5 games we’ve averaged over 60% possession, and we’ve been attacked consistently on the counter. The aggregate score in those games is 5-5 and that’s is mostly down to the quality of our finishers and the profligacy of the opposition (especially Villarreal). It’s not the quality of the opposition that’s the problem, it’s the quality of United’s possession play.

There are still many positives of Ole’s tenure so far. He’s still superior to Mourinho in bringing young players into the squad and he’s generally cheerier than his predecessor. The football has for the most part been more entertaining than any of his post-Fergie predecessors and there’s generally a better feeling amongst United supporters than there was before*. But in one summer window and a handful of absolutely abysmal performances Ole has threatened to destroy all his good work. 3/4 of our summer signings were 28 or over which blocks the path to the first team for youth players and increases the experience of short term success. The player signed for the right hand side of midfield seems incapable of actually playing there. The football is increasingly turgid. And DVDB has finally gotten bored of being on the bench. At least Ole’s still cheery.

United have got a fiendishly difficult ten games to come. Continue our current form and we could be out of the Champions League (again) and completely out of the title race. We really out to judge Ole at the end of the season but if the next ten games go as well as the last 6, then that probably will be the end of United’s season.

Here’s hoping Ole pulls off another minor miracle.
Ash (still don’t see who we replace him with? Does it matter?) Metcalfe


For once Utd didn’t go a goal down or start slowly which shows that progress is being made. Progress, the word thrown around as much as evolution and world class in football land.

93rd minute and there is good old Ole smiling and laughing on the side whilst being schooled by Rafa. Rafa who in my opinion is leagues above Ole in every department. Everton are very lucky to have him and he’ll squeeze every bit out of every player. Ole not only irritates me during his pre- and post-match pressers with the utter nonsense he speaks, during the game when he defies belief and logic with such odd decisions, but added to that list now is just him, the obnoxious persona that is him. The way he walks, his arrogance when he has done nothing to allow him such arrogance.

The thing that gets me, is that he has in no way earned the right to have his job. He has achieved nothing as a manager in anything but the 20th ranked league and sending Cardiff down.  People will say that nobody could have kept Cardiff up, but sorry, it is on his C.V.

The way he is being adored by so many fans just shows how far Utd have fallen and the attitude of what is now becoming a typical Utd fan.  The rest of the land is laughing at us yet, through some form of wizardry, he still remains.  He’s like the kid who just won a competition online to be a manager.  It’s embarrassing.
I’d like to know how many of the Ole inners who are so staunch in their defence of him were even born 20 odd years ago when he stuck out his boot and scored the goal that immortalised him into our club.  Should they have been born around the 70’s/80’s and you are sticking by this guy then you should seriously give you head a wobble.

If we are going down the club legend as a player route and making them manager, then why not have Bryan Robson? Steve Bruce? Roy Keane? Let’s give Peter Schmeichel a go, or even though he failed at Valencia why not Gary Neville?  failure elsewhere doesn’t seem to matter, so yeah GNEV, your club needs you.

Each and every game we are lucky.  The opposition create far more than us every game and, are more entertaining than us every game.  We are now 7 games into the league and it’s over.  I’m not jumping the gun here; the league is gone.  With no disrespect to the sides we have played, with our squad, we should be 7 for 7.  We are out of 1 cup; we are holding on by a thread in the Champions League.  Just look at that squad.  It’s either the players are not anywhere near as good as we are told they are or the manager hasn’t got a clue.

People will say that it is still early days in the league and we are 2nd at the time of writing this, come the end of play we could be 5th or even 6th.  Arsenal who we all laughed at could be 2 points behind.  I’ll predict now that if Ole stays until the season ends, then Utd will be lucky to finish 8th. I could set a team up to beat Utd, Ole told everyone how to do it.  Defend in numbers, be organised and hit on the break.  Everton scored from our corner!  and If the Evertonian lad had shot instead of passing, we would have lost.

Is anyone going to tell me that any other manager in the EPL, with that Man Utd squad is going to do a worst job?  Ok, maybe Steve Bruce, but out of the rest?  I’d guarantee Benitez would do better, Brenden Rodgers, Bielsa? When Ronaldo was coming on, he had McKenna telling him what to do, really? McKenna?  The wealth of football knowledge and experience of McKenna.  How can Utd play worse when Ronaldo, Sancho and Pogba come on?  It shouldn’t be possible.

That is now Ole’s team, that is Ole after 5 transfer windows and the side is performing no better than it did after he was appointed caretaker and won a few games, despite spending almost half a billion quid.  Forget Maguire being out as Lindelof is no worse, that is Ole’s first choice squad.  Just the bench today showed that he has all the gear, sadly he has no idea what he’s doing.  So, to the people who say we have progressed, I ask you where?  If it’s spending 200 million a year and having one of the largest wage bills in world football to win nothing, then I ask again, what other EPL manager, barring Steve Bruce, could do the same job?

So when people ask who would replace him, it’s a simple answer… Anyone, except Steve Bruce, although, would even he do any worse?
Mike (Say what you like, you know he’ll win nothing, just admit it)


Can there still be any Ole positive fans left after that? If there are, surely they’re just championing taking part and not winning.

If Ole was on Countdown he’d have asked Rachel for 6 consonants and a vowel, hoping against hope he’s picked a blinder and the opposition is a turnip.

There’s no manager available of a standard to replace him so the only alternative is to get in a hardened assistant with tactical nous. This is where Darren Fletcher needs to exercise some power and recommend to Ole and the Glazers that a new assistant needs appointing, as Carrick and Co just don’t appear to have it in them.
If you’ve got a supercar that needs servicing, you don’t take it to Halfords.
Ben, (Hiding behind the cushion waiting for this horror to end)


When will Solskjaer learn from from his apparently poor team selection and tactical decisions? United now have a talented squad and all he has to do is to identify his best eleven players and let them play together for a while. This will allow them to play coherently and as a team. Yet, he continues to give playing time to non-performing players , resulting in disastrous outcomes. If he had fielded his best eleven, we would have beaten the Toffees easily. We have earned just one point from six in two consecutive PL home games against non top four clubs. We lost to Young Boys in the UCL for the same reason. Ole, field your best team and stop the futile practice of resting players. It is costing United points.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah


I love Ole! It’s great for uk equal opportunities everywhere to have an absolute Baffoon of a PE teacher in charge of one of richest football clubs in the world! I mean, really!!!

You just know when he talks in his Everton post match interview about “the team needs to learn how to defend counter attacks”, what he really means is “I bloody hope someone in the team spots how to do it soon so he can tell the coaching staff!!  🤣🤣🤣
Pete, Chester


Just when you thought the mailbox was going to quiten down about Ole…
Gaz, CFC, Sidcup (hoping for an exciting draw in the fight for second)

Man Utd midfielder Bruno Fernandes plays the ball

Set piece coach my ass
For all the clamour over signing Eric Ramsay as a set piece coach for United, United has done f*** all at set pieces. They do look more solid in defensive set pieces but look like they have regressed at offensive ones from last year!

How can a team of literal giants not have scored any set piece goals this season? (Have they? I can’t remember any!) A team consisting of any 5 of Ronaldo, Cavani, Varane, Mctominay, Matic, Pogba and Maguire should not just be winning headers, they should be burying them regularly.

Chelsea are not playing mind blowing football but they have taken advantage of set pieces in a lot of matches. Liverpool who do play good football, make themselves even better with these set piece goals.

United not only look hopeless in attacking set pieces (despite winning majority of the first contacts), we went ahead and conceded from an attacking corner.

So many things wrong about that entire move as well! A piss poor corner, followed by Fred’s failed tackle attempt, followed by Fred’s failed foul attempt, followed by Shaw deciding to abandon his runner even though some other player would have caught up to Doucoure leaving Townsend completely alone.

I did not really want to rant, but watching football is supposed to be a release, not a cause for more stress!!


Rafa v Mailbox
Dear F365

United fans in the mailbox last week: people go on about sacking Solskjaer but who, other than Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel could actually do a better job of managing at Old Trafford?

Rafa: hold my beer.
Tom, LFC


The breakaway
We all kinda get the landscape these days. Clicks , sponsers and international behemoths.

So despite United’s and Arsenal’s and Spurs’ mediocrity we continue to get ‘yards of column inches ‘ dedicated to the whys & wherefores of their ‘lack of amazingness.

Lots of long in the tooth Arsenal fans and United fans simply shrug and understand cycles . “We had a really good time at the top” , that’s it . Play the kids , play attacking attractive football, but other clubs are gonna win the silverware . Though what we have is a need , a necessity to dedicate so so much of the football writers‘ ‘pontifications’ of these once good teams , miriad reason for lack of success.

Let’s face it , Arsenal, Spurs and United are too big to ever get relegated, ever . The only way is up for them , perhaps to a shiny new americana style hyper league , but second division ? It ain’t happ’nin’ .

Every time a Brighton or a Southampton take points off of the current richest clubs – I see it as a poetic beauty , same as surprises in the European cup . No Madrid supporter I asked could point to Tiraspol on the map – Great ! Brentford in the premier league bloodying noses – brilliant.

It may not continue for long . In the 80’s when football was entrenched in working classes across Europe, I looked to the US sports stars , playing to a quarter of a billion TV sets and saw their huge wages as the future in European football.

So , please , let’s ask for more coverage of well run clubs and their inspirational managers and tactical plans coz that’s where the heart of the game is , not the overly sugared razzamatazz of the current ‘super duper things ‘.

Honestly, I’m starting to agree that ‘the breakaway‘ would be a means to an end . As in – that ain’t sport !
Peter (Daniel Craig is looking like a turn of the century Tommy Lee Jones isn’t he ? Are they related). Andalucia .


Tactical successes
Seeing the success of West Ham this season, and the ease at which £2m worth of Everton wingers is chopping up £150m defence, I’m wondering if the newest tactical era of the triple winger is in town. We’ve seen various tactical revolutions over time, but three wingers replacing the de facto 4231 of late seems to be getting success, whether with or without a strong striker to play off of. Starting with West Ham, they’ve clearly got a plan to play into Antonio, but the key three behind of Fornals (who has played as a 10 before, but seems more of a wide playmaker now), with Bowen and Benrahma behind mean it’s hard to stop the play coming into him. The combination of movement and speed that comes from putting a winger in the middle slot makes it very hard for centre backs/defensive midfielders to pick up and track.

In the blue half of Liverpool, Townsend and Gray are having similar success, with Gordon completing the triumvirate, behind big man DCL, or Rondon as the case is today.

Over with the big hitters, we see it with City, Ferran Torres one of the go to options through the centre, flanked often by Sterling and Mahrez, though Foden, Silva and KDB make appearances too as less “winger” players in style. Liverpool too see this in their starting XI whenever Firmino is out. I see this being the solution to Chelsea’s goal-shy spell too, with the talent of Werner, CHO, Ziyech, & Pulisic playing behind their talented big man. Barca will likely move this way when they get a competent manager, with Depay, Fati, Dembele being a decent long term front line.
KC (or maybe I just play too much football manager) 


Common sense…
This is in response to the brilliant mind of Tim Sutton who knew a CLEAR answer to the burning question of who united should replace solskjaer with….I am not going to go into details and analysis of why he is not the right choice.i am sure someone else will do that in the mailbox. Instead i am just going to talk some common sense…

Real madrid
E frankfurt

This is a list of clubs who changed their manager this summer!! Apart from a select few most clubs in the list are either elite clubs or at least are big name/reputation clubs. Funny thing is that none of these 17 clubs even had Valverde in the shortlist for becoming their manager. I think this says a lot. I rest my case.

Also just to clear things further…

None of the clubs even thought of going for allegri except for juventus.

None of the clubs even thought of going for conte and anyways he would leave the moment there is little thing that goes against his wishes.

None of the clubs even thought of going for zidane.

These 3 are serial winners but even then the likes of real,inter chose to steer clear of them. So there is definitely something about them that discourages the teams from hiring them.something us couch experts will fail to understand. So people please don’t start with how they are a better fit. If they were better someone would have hired them,period.

So let us just keep our trust in ole. I am not saying he is going to be a success but until someone truly good comes along he is a decent man to have in the dugout. For all his tactical shortcomings the players have not given up on him and are still willing to fight for him even after 3 years. Something you can not say about any of our post ferguson managers.
Swapnil, Mumbai (man utd) P.S. Does VdB do anything other than making a quick short  pass and hoping for a return ball on the run?

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