Shearer claims ‘awful’ Man Utd man ‘didn’t want to be there’ in Newcastle ‘mess’

Joe Williams
Alan Shearer on Man Utd
Alan Shearer was far from impressed by Marcus Rashford on Saturday.

Alan Shearer insists Marcus Rashford acted like he “didn’t want to be there” as Manchester United lost 1-0 to Newcastle United on Saturday.

The Red Devils were on a run of five wins in six Premier League matches until the weekend, despite a number of poor performances, but their defeat to the Geordies means they are now seventh in the table.

Man Utd have been struggling to score with Erik ten Hag no longer able to rely on Rashford’s goals after struggling to get going this season.

Rashford has scored just two goals in all competitions in comparison to his 30 goals scored throughout the entire season last term.

And former Newcastle striker Shearer thought the attitude from the whole Man Utd starting XI was “awful” and he singled out Rashford as particularly bad.

Shearer told The Rest Is Football podcast: “I thought they were a mess, I thought they were terrible, I thought their attitude was awful, I thought it highlighted some of the really bad attitudes they have, clearly have.

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“It’s alright when things are going well for you, you can get your foot on the ball, play around, scoring goals, but when it’s tough and when it’s hard you see the players who want to fight for you, you see the players who want to support you as a manager and as a fan.

“I thought there were three or four who weren’t prepared to roll their sleeves up and gave up far too easily and didn’t want to fight.”

When asked if he thought Man Utd could show significant signs of improvement before the end of the season, Shearer added: “I don’t see it. I think it’s a long-term job, it’s been a long-term job already.

“They haven’t been where they want to be for a number of years now, and eventually what happens is that it comes down onto the pitch, and that’s been there for a while.

“The money they’ve spent, some of the players they’ve spent money on, Antony and [Jadon] Sancho.

“When you look at Rashford’s performance [against Newcastle] it looked as if he didn’t want to be there at all. When he got dragged off you could see his reaction.

“Garnacho was really struggling, I know he scored a wonder goal last week but they’ve spent £60m, £70m on Sancho, £80m on Antony, and they can’t get in the team for whatever reason, that sums it up for Manchester United, for me.

“Clearly, you don’t have to be a genius to work it out, clearly there’s an issue in that dressing room, you can see that.

“You can see when the arms go up when, ‘it’s not my fault’, or players try to send a reaction to their own fans to say, ‘this is not my fault’, as soon as that happens you just know there’s an issue in the dressing room and that happened too many times [against Newcastle].”