Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes stands accused of ‘throwing Alejandro Garnacho under the bus’

Sarah Winterburn
Bruno Fernandes with Alejandro Garnacho

Bruno Fernandes has been blasted by none other than Darren Bent for drawing attention to the attitude problems of teenage winger Alejandro Garnacho.

We can only imagine the distress caused to Fernandes when he hears that former Tottenham and England striker Bent is unhappy with his treatment of the 18-year-old.

Garnacho has burst onto the Manchester United scene in recent weeks, culminating in two sumptuous assists during the midweek Carabao Cup win over Aston Villa.

Erik ten Hag has spoken publicly about getting his attitude right but then Fernandes weighed in himself, saying: “He was good, but he knows that we expect a lot from him.

“Obviously he’s still really young, he’s doing really well. He was not at his best at the beginning of the season.

“On the tour he didn’t have the best attitude that he should have had, and that’s why he didn’t get his chances until now. He’s getting his chances because he’s training better, having a different attitude and deserving his chances.”

It’s since been revealed that Garnacho turned up late to two meetings but he is said to have matured in the intervening months, putting various changes in motion to improve his opportunities at the club.

Bent – speaking on Talksport – thinks that Fernandes should have stuck to the positives on Garnacho because he is such a young player.

“I didn’t like that one bit,” Bent said. “When you talk to the media and you’re captain, you’ve got to look after the young players.

“He’s got a lot of potential around him because he’s playing really well.

“You don’t need people making up their mind before he’s had a fair crack at it. Now if he’s left out, or there’s something around him, they’re going to say ‘See. Bruno said he had a bad attitude.’

“He’s got to protect the younger players. You can’t be throwing them under the bus as they’ve just started.”

Fernandes was clearly taking his lead from the manager, who said after that game: “It was good that he came on and showed that performance and had that impact in the game, to be able to assist, make the dribbles and run behind.

“He still has things to learn but quite obviously we are happy with his development and he can contribute to the team. It depends on his approach, his attitude.

“When he keeps working then yes, it is possible [for him to play more]. He wants to improve every day. He has to do the right things in his lifestyle. He has the capability.”