Man Utd takeover: Neville makes announcement prediction as he accuses Glazers of ‘spinning it’

Joe Williams
Man Utd legend Gary Neville looks annoyed

Man Utd legend Gary Neville is predicting some kind of takeover announcement from the Glazers once “the season is closed”.

The Red Devils are currently in the middle of a takeover process with the Glazer family still considering a full or partial sale of the Premier League club.

Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim and INEOS founder Sir Jim Ratcliffe are the only two public bidders with the former making a fourth offer a couple of weeks ago.

Reports indicated that Ratcliffe’s camp were gaining confidence that they would be chosen as the preferred bidder with Sheikh Jassim improving the value of his offer.

Man Utd fans are becoming worried that the takeover is dragging on too long and could impact their summer recruitment drive.

And Neville thinks the Glazers continue to “spin it out unprofessionally” with the former Man Utd right-back expecting an announcement when the season is over.

Neville wrote on Twitter: “Plainly obvious the Glazer family aren’t going to announce anything on the ownership until the season is closed! They’ve been spinning it out unprofessionally for weeks and months now.

“They know fan protests would have been more significant than they already have if matches were still being played and the end result of the sale process is unpopular. Basically any family members staying in would be deemed unacceptable by all fans. Is this why they’re holding off?”

Neville has previously talked about his worries that the Glazers will end up staying at Man Utd in some shape and urged them to “remove themselves from the club”.

When asked on CBS Sports who would be his preferred option out of the takeover options, Neville replied: “I’ve not heard the pledges that have been made by any of the bids.

“At the moment, there’s the Jim Ratcliffe bid, the Qatari bid and a number of US investment funds. I don’t want private equity into an English football club, I’ll be really clear.

“I don’t think it works. I think football is about emotion. Believe it or not, in Manchester, I have a partnership with a US private equity fund and in other sectors of life, I love international investment.

“But I think in football clubs, you can’t go into it purely because you want to see a return. When it comes to the current bids, at this moment in time, I think Jim Ratcliffe has its merits, the Qatari bid has its own merits.

“My main concern at this moment in time is that the Glazer family sell and that they remove themselves from the club. They’ll make a lot of money, well done for that.

“They’ve proved to be very astute business people but now it’s time to hand over control because the club has deteriorated under their ownership.”

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