Man Utd are a ‘worn-out rock star’ but they still attract the massive crowds

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Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United and Anthony Martial
Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United and Anthony Martial

Man Utd are still the biggest show in town even when they’re sh*t. We have a thin old Mailbox that even defends Donald Trump.

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Man Utd are still absolutely massive
Yet another fortune-telling truth prophet from Liverpool, showing us all that United aren’t a big club, who are having a nightmare start to the season.

How did Liverpool start last season? Ah the incredible haul of six points from their opening five games. Where did they end up? Out of the Champions League spots and with a Community Shield win? Pay attention and take note of what a big club is, United.

Conveniently as ever, you’re only as good as your last five years or so. So if by 2026, after Liverpool have won nothing major, you’ll confidently squirm back into your hole in the ground, is that right? Or is it 2001 again and you’ll be like “what about our quadruple year that wasn’t?!”

I remember back in 2007, according to Liverpool fans, the biggest clubs have to win the Champions league, before changing that narrative to number of league titles the next year for some reason.

Never seen a manager get so much credit in the bank for two major trophies, almost four years ago..but yeah, keep on with your “big club” talk. He’d have been done at City, Chelsea and even you’d be calling for his head now had he chosen United in the beginning.

Got to remember too, Liverpool’s two biggest issues coming into this season were a CB and DM. I think I’d rather Cas from CL winners Real, than 30 yo Endo from almost relegated Stuttgart. Plus, I guess United will just have to hope Saudi can give us £40M for our crocked Brazilian DM like they did with you guys.

So over the course of the season, when United have less drama (small club drama that’s more spoken about than your big club successes apparently), and don’t have nine key first team players injured (an excuse the media won’t mention much, but will excuse your entire season due to a VVD injury), then we will see where the land lies.

All that we all know, yourself included, is that beyond a doubt, United are by a country mile the biggest team in the UK. No team garners such attention, no team has as many fans, no club in more universally despised by rivals – regardless of current success – no team is spoken about more and most crucially, no team has more English league titles.

There was more noise about United’s misdeeds then City’s treble win. And if the treble winners success can’t transcend them, then I doubt last years English Community Shield winners will ;).

United might be a worn-out rockstar at this point, in need of a revamp, but they’re still headlining to a sold out crowd on the main stage.
Calvino ( & even those who hate the band show up)

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Here we go again at Man Utd
So it’s groundhog day at Utd. Everything that has happened to previous managers is now beginning to happen to ETH.

Leaks in the press about incidents in the dressing room, check

Leaks about worries about the manager, check

Players thinking that they can do as they want (Sancho), check

Players falling out with the manager (Maguire, Sancho etc), check

No effort on the pitch (Rashford, Martial etc) , check

Disgruntled players in the dressing room (Maguire), check

Until the club is sold and the new owners give the manager the same authority as Pep and Klopp then it will be a case of repeat every time they hire a manager.
Ken, Cork, Ireland


Dangerous to underestimate powerful men
I cannot agree with the esteemed Oliver D. in this instance. To be honest, I think it is an insult to the rest of us to cloak Boehly’s (and trump’s) behaviour as naïve. These are billionaires, used to the cut and thrust of executive-level negotiations and politics. They have viciously outfought, and sometimes bankrupted, competitors. They have dissembled, deceived and outright lied in the name of capitalism. They have shaken hands with presidents and kings.
George Formby


Defending Trump
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland mail was certainly creative but missed the mark. Trump may have been naive about the inner-workings of government when he took over but he wasn’t wrong about politicians being incompetent as most are (just look at both the major parties in the UK and every other government in the West bar a two or three. Spotting the competent ones is harder than finding a needle in a haystack). Boehly has been right about zero since buying Chelsea.

His comparison with Boehly is also incorrect because Trump presided over the best US economy in most peoples lifetimes (making regular people more well off), record low unemployment especially among minorities, made the country energy independent, started no new wars and got multiple Middle East peace agreements signed so was actually very successful and not incompetent if you look at the facts (the virus of unknown origin that definitely didn’t come from a lab in Wuhan built by the Obama administration and funded by Dr. Fauci who made himself over $300m richer during the pandemic due to royalties paid to him by pharma companies wasn’t his fault either). Boehly has achieve nothing positive so far unless you hate Chelsea and want to see them destroyed.

Boehly’s time at Chelsea more closely resembles that of Justin Trudeau’s time as PM of Canada. A man nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is gets himself into a position he is completely out of his depth in, brings in a lot of new bodies that aren’t needed and spends ridiculous amounts of money making everything worse. Chelsea went from 3rd to 12th in a season under Boehly’s cluelessness, Trudeau’s cluelessness reduced economic growth in Canada by 75% from the start of his time in office (a bunch of grapes now costs $20 in Canada too) which is pretty much the same, right? At least Boehly didn’t offer euthanasia to Paralympian asking for a stairlift to be installed in their home like Trudeau’s government did…yet, so there is hope for the Yank and Chelsea.

Not a chance this makes it into the mailbox because I mentioned the orange man without criticizing him but please surprise me. Next time i’ll just write in about Eric Ten Hag or Jordan Henderson since you will post any drivel about those two for weeks on end.
Person McPerson


…You people need to stay out of United States politics Donald Trump was the best President we’ve ever had and if you don’t like it piss off.
Jerry Murphy


Red Stars but no money
Unfortunately, I’m more than old enough to remember Red Star winning the European Cup (when it was only for actual champions, not just a money-making exercise) in 1991. I still have them tagged as a ‘big team’. Don’t know why really as they’ve done nothing of note in Europe since. But, I was amazed to read today that their biggest signing cost only 5m euros (£4.3m).

That just shows how little chance teams like Red Star will have in reality when compared to Premier League clubs and other clubs like Real, Bayern, PSG etc.

I know that having expensive players doesn’t guarantee you success, but it sure helps. What chance do teams like Red Star have when they are so financially limited? Yes you can produce your own players, but it’s unlikely to be enough to compete against Europe’s biggest sides who have so much money.

The biggest European sides, and in fact some of the more modest sides if we look at the Premier League, can spend huge sums of money (£30 to £40m+) on some bang average players just to boost their squad. Red Star can only spend £4.3m on their record signing.

I mean come on, Arsenal spaffed £65m on Kai Havertz and he’s not very good and have a £30m(ish) keeper sitting on the bench.

I don’t know the answer and don’t really know where I’m going with this, but it really is quite sad that teams like Red Star will possibly never be able to reach the heights of 1991 again. However, we can all look forward to another Man City v Real/Inter/PSG/Bayern final.

Good kit though.
Stu – Gooner in France (mind you, I still see PSV as a big team – maybe I’m just well out of touch?)