Man Utd’s fake optimism can’t hide their mid-table future

Date published: Saturday 6th July 2019 1:36

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Man Utd’s fake optimism
I’m going to begin this rant with an admission of hating Manchester United with every fibre of my being. I cannot wait until the seasons starts to get away from the thousands of players that Utd are linked too. It’s quite frankly garbage page filling click bait 99% of the time but I’m sick of it.

I know utd are trying to wipe out the dark clouds over OT but they are in reality closer to Leicester and Watford than they are to City.

Then there’s the transfer optimism. So far they have bought a couple of kids. AWB based on last season, his only season, is more understandable but to be linked with Longstaff, bought James, seems to me as useless, considering Greenwood gomes Chong mctominay rashford martial tuanzebe Dalot pereira and shaw are all young to name a few. Then there’s the possibility that pogba and lukaku are itching to leave. Whether or not you love them or hate them that’s at least 70% of Utds goals and assists walking out the door.

Now obviously they will get money and be looking to replace but that’s easier said than done. I don’t think there is anyone currently in the squad that can carry the creativity mantle. Martial is an enigma as to what his general problem is and rashford already has 170 caps averaging one goal in every 4 games. That is not what you want to start your campaign with.

Utd still have time to impress in the rest of the window but as it stands Utd in my eyes will be worse off than last season. De gea awb smalling lindlehof shaw mctominay matic pereira rashford lingard martial. That’s a mid table side. Now is Longstaff Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire going to turn them into contenders? No. I’d argue Maguire is leaving a better squad at Leicester, Longstaff is not ready for elite elite football and Bruno could be anything. Is it a step in the right direction, maybe, but the top six needn’t worry.

They might get some good wins against lower league teams but nowhere near competitive against who matters and for a utd fan, that is not good enough. The owners are destroying that club, for instance, one of few sets of owners taking money out of the club. I’ve a feeling they went for ole because he’s cheap and Jose was expensive to sack. I doubt football was even mentioned as the gunner has no player pull in the market and Utds name is a lot muddier than it used to be due to the mutiny and upheaval last year.

Do you really think any worldy who is truly at his peak is think utd is the place to be? Thus, my prediction is ole to be sacked before the end of the season with Utd saying at some stage that he’ll at least get the full season. Not really ole fault, the squad is shocking and the board is worse. Problem is, it’s hard to shift a board and players, although it needs done. And before people start saying martial rashford and lingard are class acts. Really really look at their form for their careers,  it very average.

There is a difference in being famous and being a world class footballer and is often mistaken as the same thing at Utd. They could prove me wrong but I don’t think they will.


Skew Whiffed
While everyone stands around and goes HA HA like Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons at Arsenal and their ‘derisory’ bid of £40 million for Zaha, I’d just like to ask, do any fans think a player is worth £40 million? Zaha is a player who averages 0.18 Premier League goals per match and 0.11 assists per match over the course of his career. Iwobi gets 0.14 goals per match. Would anyone tell me that Iwobi is £60 million player if Zaha is worth £80million? Of course not. Clubs can have mental internal valuations, but now we have clubs ACTUALLY paying that. I would rather we as a club, who’ve obviously got some major issues negotiating, just walked away. I want more signings like Guendouzi and Torriera, we can’t shop at the Waitrose anymore, we’re an Aldi club, so get more bang for your buck and screw brand names! The whole market has been skewed by the mega clubs, we should just refuse to play in that space. And if other clubs want to do that, let them.
John Matrix AFC


He well and truly fixed it for Arsenal
Well, reading the Arsenal transfer ‘fixers’ tell all about Suarezgate gave me a chuckle. Intended to point the finger at John Henry and FSG in behaving badly over the whole chapter, it only proved the naivety of Dick Law.

Finally we hear that it was agreed it was not a buy-out clause but a trigger for possible transfer talks. Dick then goes on to explain they could have bid more but decided not to, as they just wanted to call Liverpool to task over talks.

He seems to have totally missed the point that, for a player worth more, much more, your initial overture can have dramatic emotional consequences for both club and player. For a player that had consistently stated his desire to go to Barcelona, surely a bigger offer – one that showed they really wanted him and not playing some sort of eBay, lets bid one pound more game – would have got the reaction they wanted.

Instead, he falls back on how disrespectful Henry was in saying what are they smoking – which probably everyone in the industry was saying.

So now we know that Arsenal’s have work to do if that was the quality of their transfer fixer.
Paul McDevitt


To crib from John Henry, I’d seriously like to know what Dick Law is smoking with his assertion that Liverpool shot themselves in the foot by going public with Arsenal’s bid for Luis Suarez.

Arsenal, regardless of what that bid supposed to represent (be it a cheeky attempt to activate a clause or the start of  ‘negotiations’ came at Liverpool with an attempt to destabilize Suarez and looked to snag him on the cheap.  It’s the same gameplan they’re using with Wilfred Zaha.  Ultimately if Arsenal were truly interested in signing Suarez they would’ve come a bit stronger than they did.

But the truly laughable part of his defense is the idea that Liverpool shot themselves in the foot.  Really?  How?

-Suarez kicked his toys over but ultimately stayed with the club
-Liverpool improved their point total by 23 points, beating Arsenal by 5 and nearly winning the title.
-Liverpool benefited from Suarez’s strong season by getting nearly 25 million pound more than what Arsenal offered, from a not rival, not to mention the prize money from finishing second and the Champions League
-The saga emphasized that while Liverpool may eventually have to sell certain players, they were not going to be rolled like they had been in the past, something emphasized with great effect with Coutinho a few years later.

And what did well meaning valiant Arsenal get?  Yaya Sanogo.

Point here is, revisionist history is all well and good, but if you’re going to play that game, at least make sure you were on the right side of it.

Arsenal would be wise to remember their history and if they really want Zaha put in a bid that reflects the market and Zaha’s value with a long term contract and no pressure on Palace to sell.  At least it will save us with reading excuses 6 years on.
Mark H LFC (I always thought shooting oneself in the foot was a bad thing)


Frank Lampard to complete three-year stint?
After reading Ian Watson’s article, which I didn’t necessarily agree with, I did a little digging.  Frankie Lamps has signed a 3-year contract.  A quick look online shows that he is the 16th manager to be appointed since Abramovich took over.  Of those, only one has ever completed a consecutive 3-year stint and that was Jose first time around.  (Jun 2004- Sept 2007.  Oh, and I’ve deliberately counted Mourinho and Hiddinck twice as it’s the length of tour that’s relevant in this particular mail, not the man).  Accordingly, I have 3 perfectly genuine questions, open to all obvs, but especially aimed at Chelsea fans.  Also love to hear from the unique perspective that Derby fans will have.

1.       Considering the above, is there any reason to think Lampard would be treated any differently by the Chelsea owner/board if things don’t go well?

2.      In the unlikely (but not impossible) event that he doesn’t win a trophy and finish 3rd, as Sarri did in his first season, what would Chelsea fans consider to be a good season for 2019/20?

3.      Let’s say, for whatever reason, Lamps gets the first season as a ‘gimme’, (Transition year/transfer ban/no Hazard etc) what would Chelsea fans consider as a good season in 2020/21?

I ask as Ladbroke’s are, apparently, offering odds that OGS, Emery and Lampard will all be out of a job by the last day of next season.  I can see pros and cons for the first two but thought Lamps would be fairly safe until it occurred “What happens if they end in the bottom half of the table?”  I can see why Chelsea supporters desperately want him to absolutely smash it (and I hope he does) but I can’t shift this sinking feeling that they are thinking more with their hearts than their heads.  One of my Chelsea mates is convinced that he’s going to transform their academy players into the Chelsea version of Class of ’92 and create a dynasty for the next 10 years and maybe they will.  But again, history shows little to support a view that there has been a sudden huge sea change in club policy toward youth and suggests key youngsters will be utilised out of necessity and not because there is a long-term plan in place (Transfer ban).  I know fans are also thinking that if the kids are a huge success, the club will be forced to go with them long term but again, Abramovich hasn’t done that before, so why now?
Mark (Avram Grant was a personal friend of the owner but he still got the tin tack) MCFC.


Real piece of work
I know Raiola has little moral fibre but he’s surpassed himself this time, yes we all know that Paul Pogba wants to leave but is it necessary to go talking to the press at this stage?  It is so transparent that he is trying to force United to accept a worse deal so that he can get a bigger piece of the pie when a deal gets done.  The fact that both he and Pogba are making comments expressing the desire for a transfer has all the hallmarks of the mob from Madrid.  If Pogba wants to leave then he should issue a transfer request and forego any of the ‘loyalty’ payments that are left on the rest of the contract.  They are showing complete disrespect to United who helped make them both very wealthy men. We need to stand our ground and make sure we get the highest fee possible. I’d personally like Bale at United but the spite in me makes me think that we should refuse any player plus cash offers just so that Real don’t feel like they are getting it all their own way once again.  It will be a huge relief when Pogba is gone and we can start to rebuild a healthy dressing room environment once more. Paul don’t even bother coming back for preseason training, we are done with you.


Rating Real Madrid’s transfer spending
Real’s spending so far, perhaps triggered by Barelona’s record spending in the last window, has been a major show of intent. For years they have played second fiddle to Barca and Messi in the league and even their Champions League title has been snatched by those English upstarts. With the aid of Zidane, Perez is intend to set that right.

Eden Hazard was a no-brainer and a deal which has been years in the making. Mendy is an exciting signing (judging by his performances in the CL last year) and could be a very capable replacement to the excellent Marcelo.

Luka Jovic, Eder Militao and Rodrygo though are all big buys for young talent with an eye to the future. Their total spending has already cross 300 m GBP and with add-ons may well become the biggest transfer spending ever even if no other players are added. Their are reports of them adding Eriksen to the ranks and possibly even Pogba which would stretch the already exorbitant transfer spending to a cool half billion.

Real were trounced by Ajax in the CL and finished third in the league, a whopping 19 points behind leaders Barcelona last year. Whether these signings will bridge the gap, remains to be seen. (Overall Grade: B-)


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