Manchester derby brawl: Mourinho v Ederson, Arteta bleeds

Matt Stead

A confrontation between Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson preceded a tunnel bust-up after the Manchester derby.

City ran out 2-1 winners at Old Trafford on Sunday to end United’s 40-game unbeaten home run, and extend their Premier League winning run to a record 14 matches.

You should read 16 Conclusions on a game which saw tempers flare amid tactical fouls, timewasting and diving, and leaves City 11 points clear at the top of the table.

But events after the match have hit the headlines as much as the game itself, with Mourinho and Ederson embroiled in a row in the City changing-room. But what exactly went down?


* James Ducker of the Daily Telegraph was the first to report on the situation, saying that it started when Mourinho visited the away dressing room to request that they ‘show more respect’. According to Football365 sources, he was then seen calling a kettle ‘black’.

Ducker adds that ‘a war of words’ then broke out between Mourinho and Ederson, who took offence to the opposing manager’s comments. They rowed in Portuguese, before ‘a melee ensued involving players from both sides’.

Daniel Taylor of The Guardian is the only man to report on what was actually said between Mourinho and Ederson. After the pair argued in their native tongue, the former reportedly broke into English, shouting: “You f***ing show respect. Who are you?”

The cause of the row, as with any unruly teenager and his beleaguered parent, appears to have been loud music. Mourinho and his United players felt City were celebrating in an over-the-top manner, and so they intervened. Or, according to the Daily Mail, ‘United players blamed their City counterparts for ‘rubbing their noses in defeat’ by ‘whooping and cheering’.

‘Whooping and cheering’? In 2017? The f***ing cheek.


* Almost every outlet to break the story claims that cartons of milk and water bottles were thrown at Mourinho. Alec Shilton and Sam Morgan of The Sun report that those reports ‘were being downplayed last night,’ but Simon Jones and Jack Gaughan of the Daily Mail wrote the following:

‘United manager Jose Mourinho had water squirted at him, was hit on the head by an empty plastic bottle and was also doused with milk from a flying carton as a melee ensued involving some 20 players and staff.’

Paul Hirst of The Times has a slightly different line. He says that while some ‘eye witnesses’ report that a carton of milk ‘hit the wall and exploded, causing milk to cover part of Mourinho’s grey coat,’ there are ‘senior City sources’ who claim that ‘Mourinho’s jacket had not been soiled’. What a relief.


* But while Mourinho’s coat was potentially left untouched, one beautiful, innocent individual was not. City coach Mikel Arteta was seen leaving Old Trafford with a cut on his forehead. Are there no depths Mourinho will not sink to?

David McDonnell of the Daily Mirror reports that Arteta suffered a cut ‘just above the eye’, which may or may not have been a result of bottles being thrown. When the culprit is found, we will bring justice to their person. Simon Stone of the BBC is eager to stress that ‘no punches were thrown’.


* Of those involved, The Guardian absolve Sergio Aguero and Bernardo Silva of blame; their pair ‘were caught on the outside looking in, having not been inside the dressing room when it started.’ Sammy Lee, City’s correspondent, reports that Pep Guardiola was equally innocent. But many outlets claim that Romelu Lukaku was heavily involved, leading to many predictable jokes about him finally hitting the target in a big game.