Manchester derby Mailbox: Bravo to zero

Date published: Saturday 10th September 2016 2:49

That was bloody fun, wasn’t it? We have a Manchester derby Mailbox for you. Send all your other thoughts to


Guy’s half-time thoughts
City deservedly winning through combination of skilful attacking and bad mistakes. Rooney took a while to get cooking with some misplaced passes including one dangerous one but eventually played three particular passes that opened up the opposition, third of which Zlatan missed after an exquisite finish earlier. Mkhitaryan was pretty mediocre, at least 7 poor passes and miscontrols (more than the person who will inevitably receive more ire). Blind has been poor too, caught flat footed and done easily by a beautiful but simple play from De Bruyne and then slow to get the defensive line back thus playing the team onside for the second. This is why he looks suspect against top players, it’s just not his natural role. He’d be better in midfield than Fellaini.

Still, the way the half ended, there’s goals for either side in the second half, and I still fancy United to win it.
Guy S


Guy’s full-time thoughts
First off, what a bloody exciting game of football! Very positive second half subs from Jose. Rooney looking good drifting out to wide right so he can deliver decent crosses (generally missing from this team), and then all over the pitch in the latter stages, keeping the team driving forwards. I’m dying to see how everything was his fault today. Pretty ridiculous not to have won a penalty and red card from Bravo too.

Rashford instantly an incredibly positive impact, and unlucky to clip Ibrahimovic for his disallowed goal. Blind looking much better and composed. Pogba is capable of being a beast of a player, especially when allowed to get forwards, but seemed a bit out of it towards the end. Clattenburg definitely seemed to favour City, giving fouls in their favour that he didn’t for United around the edge of the box, not just the bottling the game changing penalty and red card.

Final thought, two excellent chequebook managers at work. I guess that’s what you can do when you spend £149m vs a second new transfer record £168m (I must have missed the outrage we saw against United a few years ago).
Guy S


Oh, Wayne
If you’re Fellaini you get booked if another player runs into your elbow.

If you’re Ibrahimovic you get booked for your first foul; a clumsy ankle tap.

If you’re England captain and called Rooney you get a yellow card after 4 bookable offences. The priviliges of Shearer, Beckham and Terry are now Rooney’s. Can’t have the England captain miss too many games through suspension, not good for marketing.

If you’re Iheanacho you get blamed for giving the ball away before a free kick is conceded which after a mistake by another player leads to a chance that is scored.

If you’re Mkhitaryan you get blamed for not closing down after having run half the length of the pitch already (and in your first premier league start) when two mistakes by your defenders leads to a goal.

If you’re Wayne Rooney you can get caught in possession (with your team badly needing an experienced head and strong leader to help them find their way into the game) which seconds later leads to the opponent scoring and no-one will bat an eyelid.

I’ve never seen a player clearly so past it get so much protection from referees, pundits and assorted media.
Eddie, ‘How Do You Sleep?’ MUFC


What a waste of money
So it’s been 3 games, and Paul Pogba has yet to score or assist any goals for Man United.

Is it now safe to say that he is the biggest waste of money and biggest transfer flop of all time?
Curtis, LFC (Just kidding, well, joke with a jag).


Hollywood Wayne
40 minutes into the derby match and I think I’ve finally realised Rooney’s purpose… He’s auditioning for a role in the new Hollywood blockbuster: Kung fu panda 4 the hangover.
Tom, Cambridge


Bravo, kind sir
When I defended Guardiola’s decision to move Joe Hart on, I thought he knew what he was doing.

Turns out he didn’t.

Was there are recall clause in that Torino loan deal???

Ben, MCFC, Manchester.


Claudio Bravo is indeed excellent with the ball at his feet.

His hands?

Not so much.


Cue hundreds of English journalists chuntering about Joe Hart.
Stu, Southampton


So that’s…
…all for Juan Mata.

Oh Jose. You are a bit mean.
Jonno McSchmonno



This was Clatts’ day
Good to see the referring directive was all bollocks. Clattenburg and Rooney, sitting in a tree…..
Adam, LFC, Belfast.


I assume Clattenburg has a man-crush on Guardiola. That would be the only explanation for this performance…
Andreas Hasle, (How can a blatant push in the back not be a free-kick), Brussels

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