Manchester United arrange ‘showdown talks’ with expensive winger who has ‘infuriated’ Ten Hag

Matt Stead
Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag
Erik ten Hag will try and clear the air with Jadon Sancho

The Manchester United future of forward Jadon Sancho will be far clearer after ‘showdown talks’ with returning manager Erik ten Hag are held on Monday.

Sancho and Ten Hag’s relationship has taken a dramatic downturn in light of the latter’s comments after the club’s defeat to Arsenal before the international break.

Ten Hag explained that he had overlooked Sancho for selection at the Emirates because of “his performances in training”, to which the player immediately responded on social media to state that the Dutchman’s words were ‘completely untrue’ and that he has ‘been a scapegoat for a long time’.

The situation has escalated from there, with claim and counter-claim coming from both camps; a Liverpool legend feels Manchester United have let Sancho down by trying to ‘destroy’ him in public.

It is hoped that face-to-face talks between Ten Hag and Sancho can help clear the air on Monday when the pair meet for the first time since the international break began.

The Daily Telegraph say there will be ‘showdown talks’ between player and manager to try and sort the ‘serious uncertainty’ over the near future.

Ten Hag was ‘infuriated’ with Sancho’s reaction, particularly after feeling as though he had helped protect the England international during his struggle with mental health issues last season.

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Sancho did not feature from late October to the beginning of February in 2022/23 after being put on what Ten Hag described as “an individual programme” of recovery

“We didn’t see him in the last games for United, so he wasn’t in the right status,” the manager said then, “So, now he’s on an individual programme and we want him to finish that programme and hopefully, we see him back soon.

“He’s not fit enough to be here. Sometimes there are circumstances with fitness and mood. Now he’s on a physical programme and our aim is to get him back as quickly as possible.

“He was good on tour, but also when the league started, he played some good games like Liverpool, Leicester and Arsenal. After, we got a drop of level. What happens, sometimes, is you don’t know why or what is causing it.

“That is what we’re doing now, trying to research and we try to get him back. It’s a combination of physical [issues] but also mentally.”

Ten Hag only briefly discussed the latter aspect but the Telegraph point out that sources adjacent to Sancho briefing about how Manchester United were not cleared to publicly talk about the player’s mental health ‘was not viewed as a sign that there may be an easy fix’ between them.