McClaren: Allardyce ‘innocently paid the price’

Former England coach Steve McClaren has defended poor, innocent Sam Allardyce after he lost his job as England manager.

Allardyce was filmed by undercover Daily Telegraph journalists posing as Far East businessmen as he offered advice on how to circumvent FA rules on third-party ownership as well as offering his services for £400,000 on top of his £3m-a-year salary.

“I think it’s been a hugely disappointing couple of days for English football and very sad for what happened to Sam Allardyce,” Steve McClaren said at Soccerex.

“It could happen to any of us in high-profile sports positions and Sam innocently has paid the price. It just shows you that privacy can only be found within the four walls of your own home. And unfortunately a lot of managers are discovering that.

“Any information which newspapers and reporters glean – the FA should step in or the information should be given to the FA.

“They make enquiries into the game and if there is any wrongdoing that’s got to be cut out from our game.

“Personally I’m very, very disappointed for Sam – professionally I think if there is information out there the FA should deal with that and then make enquiries because nobody wants to see a corrupt game.”