Media confect jeopardy over England while the Mail bait their racist readers

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Gareth Southgate, Harry Maguire and JAck Grealish with England badge.
Gareth Southgate, Harry Maguire and JAck Grealish with England badge.

The back pages would have us believe England dropping Jack Grealish would be a shock while MailOnline know what they are doing with ‘racist’ talk.


The Greal Thing
You will be utterly shocked to learn that an England player who has scored just three Premier League goals this season and notched just one assist might not keep his place in the Euro 2024 squad.

Jack Grealish played no part in the FA Cup final and just 10 minutes of Premier League football in May and yet this is the biggest story in football according to The Sun:

Gareth Southgate hints Jack Grealish could be CUT from England Euro 2024 squad despite cutting short holiday to impress

He could be CUT? From a squad which he was very bloody lucky to join in the first place?

Even after he ‘cut short’ his holiday after playing 10 minutes of football in May? Has Southgate no heart?

‘JACK GREALISH’S place in England’s Euro 2024 squad appears to be in major doubt,’ writes Charlie Wyett. It doesn’t ‘appear’ to be in major doubt, Charlie, it absolutely IS in major doubt. He’s had a sh*t season.

‘Boss Southgate is giving no assurances to £100million Manchester City star Grealish, who played just ten minutes of their last five matches of the season and did not feature in the FA Cup final.’

Because giving anybody barring his first-choice XI ‘assurances’ would be utterly ludicrous at this stage.

Even worse, the Mail splash it on their actual back page:

Apparently, Gareth Southgate has ‘stopped short of guaranteeing’ one of the least in-form members of his squad a place at Euro 2024.

No sh*t.


The Maguire game
The Mirror are keen to widen the jeopardy net so tell us breathlessly:

Gareth Southgate casts doubt over Jack Grealish and Harry Maguire’s Euro 2024 spots

We know what you’re doing there but he absolutely did not ‘cast doubt’ over the man who has been one of his first-choice centre-backs for over six years.

He literally said he was “progressing well” and even though he might not make the opener of Euro 2024 because of injury, there is close-to-zero chance that he will not be in that final Euro 2024 squad.

In short: Behave.


Hey Jude
Elsewhere in The Sun, Gareth Southgate is ‘begging’, ‘telling’ and ‘ordering’ Jude Bellingham to ‘rest up’ for the Euros.

Actual Southgate quotes:

“The most important thing is rest and recovery and we will benefit from that.

“That is the constraint of international football. You have to work out the most important thing and, for Jude and therefore the team, it is about psychologically switching off and recovering. It’s all about psychological freshness.”

That’s him told/begged.

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‘Racist’ story pitched at racists
But never mind the imagined jeopardy around the England team, MailOnline absolutely know their audience with this headline atop their football coverage on the Monday morning before an England game:

Germany’s ‘racist’ football fans are told they must ‘WAKE UP’ by their furious manager and stars after 21 per cent asked for ‘more white players’ in the team for Euro 2024

They call it a ‘shocking question’ and unveil a ‘harrowing revelation’, but either the MailOnline staff are incredibly naive or they are absolutely playing to the crowd. Well, their crowd. We would strongly suspect the latter.

Because as of 11am on Monday morning, these are the comments with the most ‘upvotes’ below the line on that story:

This follows the current trend where only the “correct” answer is acceptable. If you don’t tick the correct box that’s you branded as a racist. I don’t remember any country running a referendum asking if uncontrolled immigration was acceptable. Maybe if they had the various governments might be surprised by the results.

No one seems to bat an eye to the fact that e.g. the Nigerian football team is 100 % homogenous, so I kinda can’t see the issue to be honest.

Do we ever see John Smith playing for China, Japan, Brazil, etc etc

So the vast majority were ok with the way things are, guess that’s not the story though is it. The mainstream media love R baiting. Absolutely love it. Thing is Germany is the same as the UK, traditions, culture, way of life is being progressively being deleted and they’ve just to accept it.

I suppose they are reacting to the attacks from the people they have given succour to. Ungratefulness should not be rewarded.

What was the point of running this survey? Most people cross the continent would feel exactly the same way

Which is what happens when you invite racisms to comment on racism. And no, we’re not using quote marks.


Opportunism, they name is…
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