Two hints that Bruno Fernandes is definitely leaving Manchester United as Rashford ‘adds fuel to the fire’

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Manchester United players Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford
Bruno Fernandes is leaving Manchester United and Marcus Rashford has confirmed it

Bruno Fernandes is pretty much certain to leave Manchester United this summer after greeting supporters and receiving a message from Marcus Rashford.


We don’t talk about Bruno
There is obvious mileage in pretending Bruno Fernandes might leave Manchester United this summer. The idea seems to have been manufactured entirely by the media, with no other explanation as to why Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s great Old Trafford rebuild would include selling the club’s best player whose contract has more than two years left to run.

Indeed, that is likely much of the reason why there is so much mileage – because it doesn’t make any sense.

Fernandes has made a couple of public comments about his future which could point towards an exit if viewed in a certain way, but a) he has made it explicitly clear each time that the club ‘have to want him to stay’ and that they indeed do, b) whether Fernandes wishes to leave or not, the decision would be down to Manchester United, and c) he is almost certainly just trying to engineer a better deal.

But certain outlets have been given an inch by recent leading questions, and are more than happy to take a mile.

‘Man Utd fans in fresh Bruno Fernandes fears after post-Newcastle video’ is quite the headline. What could he possibly have been filmed doing which suggests he might leave? How did he heighten the ‘fears’ of Manchester United supporters, all of whom happen to be chronically online?

The Sun website kindly lets us know.

Some Red Devils fans worry the Portugal international hinted at an exit once more after Wednesday’s 3-2 victory over Newcastle at Old Trafford.

Fernandes didn’t come out to meet the supporters until around midnight after the game ended at 10pm.

It might be the single worst hint in history. Game ends at 10pm; player emerges to greet fans and sign autographs ‘around midnight’ (the video in question was posted at half 11). How does that give any indication as to his future in any possible way?

Fernandes was also substituted before full-time. Perhaps he was receiving treatment, with this his first game back from injury? Don’t be stupid – he was delaying it because he’s off to Saudi. Silly Mediawatch.

Nevertheless, Fernandes was in a great mood and was very kind with the United fans.

No wonder; with his mind so obviously made up that he is going to leave, it must have been a weight off his shoulders.

The Portuguese star didn’t show any concrete sign that he is leaving as he signed every autograph and took selfies.

Yeah, you’re really not kidding that there was no ‘concrete sign that he is leaving’ just because he came out to meet fans about an hour and a half after the game finished.

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All Fer one
But the clues continue in the Daily Express website:

Marcus Rashford sparks Man Utd exit meltdown with message to Bruno Fernandes

These Manchester United supporters are going through an awful time at the minute with the Fernandes stuff, aren’t they? First there were ‘fears’, now they are having an ‘exit meltdown’, which really does sound awful.

What has sparked this latest panic? Did he greet fans three hours after training finished at Carrington?

Rashford added fuel to the fire by responding to a message on social media with what many supporters viewed as a goodbye to the Portuguese midfield maestro.

Well no. Rashford said on social media that ‘it’s been a pleasure sharing the pitch with you bro,’ complete with love heart emoji, when Fernandes congratulated him on his 400th Manchester United appearance.

Plenty of people have ‘added fuel to the fire’ and continue to do so. Rashford is not among them.


Book of exodus
Manchester United are not the only club contending with exits that are definitely happening, however.

The dictionary definition of ‘exodus’ is ‘a mass departure of people’.

It is not, The Sun website, Joel Matip and Thiago Alcantara leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.

‘Liverpool’s post-Jurgen Klopp exodus begins with TWO stars released including Premier League and Champions League winner’ is just nonsense. It’s two players. And both their contracts are expiring. And Matip has started 12 games this season, not featuring since December, while the wage drain that is Thiago has played five minutes all campaign, back in February.

Arne Slot is not exactly going to be walking into Hull’s 2016/17 pre-season, is he?


A sale as old as time
The dictionary definition of ‘fire sale’ is ‘a sale of goods or assets at a very low price, typically when the seller is facing bankruptcy’.

It is not, The Sun website, Aston Villa possibly having to sell one player for upwards of £50m to make absolutely sure they can comply with PSR rules.

‘Aston Villa set to be forced into transfer firesale despite making Champions League after highest loss in Europe’ is just daft. By the first paragraph they ‘are set to sell at least one star name’ in this panicked discount clearance, and only two players are actually referenced: Jacob Ramsey, who ‘could be sold if Villa’s asking price in excess of £50m is met’, and Douglas Luiz, whose value is not mentioned.

Can one player constitute an entire ‘transfer firesale’? And can a club be ‘forced into’ such a thing when holding out for more than £50m for a player who has started 10 games all season?


Nice Trip
‘Trippier hits out at Newcastle with damning verdict on Australia trip’ – Daily Mirror website headline.

“My expression says it all! It’s not ideal because it’s a tournament year. I understand why the club is doing it. I’ve done it at Tottenham and Madrid but from my own experience of it – in a tournament year – it’s not ideal. But we’re players, we’ve got to do what’s right for the club to move forward. When we’re there it’ll be good, we’ll embrace it and experience it.”

To be fair, ‘Trippier mildly critical of Newcastle’s post-season Australia tour but is ultimately completely fine with it’ is not very clicky. Far more accurate, but not very clicky.

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