Liverpool find ‘perfect’ manager as ‘magical ending’ beckons for Jurgen Klopp

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Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham
Harry Kane, Jurgen Klopp and Jude Bellingham are making waves

Liverpool have accidentally stumbled upon a ‘perfect’ manager to replace Jurgen Klopp. And Harry Kane is taking no prisoners with Jude Bellingham.


Joey division
The biggest story in all of football as of Friday lunchtime – the peak time for traffic – after a midweek of exciting European football? There are FA Cup semi-finals to come, remember, and a slight change to the competition’s future format. You might have heard.

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That would, of course, be Joey Barton complaining about receiving visits from the police. Not sure why that would surprise a convicted criminal, nor why there is a desperation from the MailOnline and others to give an obvious wind-up merchant more oxygen and an even bigger platform than one he already inexplicably enjoys and exploits. But there you go.


Do you believe in magic?
The same outlet brings us this opening paragraph on a limp Liverpool exit from Europe, written by Lewis Steele:

If you are going to fail, then make sure you fail beautifully. That was the rallying cry of Jurgen Klopp before Liverpool attempted to write another chapter into the book of inspirational comeback triumphs in Europe.

In the end, this will have to go down as a failure. It was not quite beautiful, but it was a valiant performance that has healed some of the psychological wounds of the last fortnight and given fans hope that the Jurgen Klopp era can still have a magical ending.

It was Liverpool’s fourth game without a goal in open play. They had two shots in the second half when they needed two goals. Atalanta were entirely untroubled in progressing.

The stuff about ‘psychological wounds’ you can have. But which part gave fans ‘hope that the Jurgen Klopp era can still have a magical ending’ again?

A game Liverpool had to win handsomely even ended with Atalanta looking ‘the more likely team to score’ as they ‘soon settled’ from conceding an early penalty to advance comfortably. It hardly suggested a team ready to overhaul both Manchester City and Arsenal for that ‘magical ending’.

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If you lose, you’re out
Charlie Wyett feels obliged to keep that theme going in The Sun:

Now, Klopp will hope his team can rediscover their form and still, somehow, scrap for the league. And if they do somehow hold aloft the Premier League aloft on May 19, it will be Klopp’s greatest ever achievement.

By then, no-one will be remembering this loss in Lombardy.

…because they won? It was at Anfield they very much f***ed it.


Gasp for air
At least Jurgen Klopp’s final European campaign with the Reds has not been entirely in vain. The Daily Mirror website reveals all…

Why Atalanta boss might just be Michael Edwards’ perfect next Liverpool manager

It is an eye-catching headline, for sure. The subject of who will replace Klopp as Liverpool manager is fresh and exciting and while Ruben Amorim is the obvious favourite, the ‘perfect’ candidate being right under their noses is intriguing.

What precisely is it that makes Gian Piero Gasperini the ideal next Liverpool coach, someone Michael Edwards – and sporting director Richard Hughes, who might have a bit of a say – cannot ignore?

Edwards has been tempted back to Liverpool with the promise that he will have total control in the transfer market, having ended his first spell in 2022 as Klopp increased his power over recruitment.

Edwards has been tempted back to Liverpool with almost exactly the opposite promise: he specifically spoke of this being a “new leadership role” with “fresh challenges and opportunities”, mainly in starting a multi-club ownership model. He’s not messing about with the transfer stuff again.

But fine, go on. The recruitment side will obviously be restructured and Hughes might expect more influence that Klopp allowed previous directors to enjoy. So where does Gasperini fit in?

Gasperini would be the perfect candidate, with the Italian focusing on coaching. According to Atalanta’s former Head of Football Lee Congerton, the veteran boss allows the recruitment staff to have full power.

And that is the only thing Liverpool will have to consider for their future manager – whether he will want a say with transfers or not. Gasperini is obviously brilliant but is 66, has never managed outside of Italy and uses a different system to Klopp. Which obviously makes him the ‘perfect’ replacement.


Taking the Mic
In terms of irresponsible headlines using unnecessary footballspeak, this is a spectacular effort from the Daily Mirror website:

West Ham star faces UEFA ban after brutal attack on referee following Europa League exit

Michail Antonio “felt a bit frustrated” that West Ham “didn’t get a decision all game”. He said “it doesn’t feel like you’re playing against 11 men, it feels like you’re playing against 13 or 14 including the two linos,” but that “we move on”.

There was certainly no ‘brutal attack’, which really does make it sound like he physically assaulted Jose Maria Sanchez at the final whistle.


Pen pals
And from a ‘brutal attack’, we go to this from the Daily Mirror website:

Kane warns England pal Bellingham it will be strictly business in Champions League showdown

Jude Bellingham will presumably be stunned by England teammate Harry Kane ‘warning’ him that he is going to take a Champions League semi-final seriously.

“Of course, I’ll say hello but once we’re on the pitch, it’s business.” Consider yourself told, Jude.


Sign of The Times
The actual most ambitious crossover event in history is here and it is beautiful and it is The Times paying Martin Samuel to write about how he doesn’t mind Taylor Swift but won’t be listening to her new album.

Henry Winter didn’t die for this.

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