Mediawatch: Man United shop sells t-shirt!

Date published: Thursday 18th February 2016 12:55

Embarrassed to be flogging…
‘MANCHESTER UNITED’S kit sponsors have released a T-shirt mocking Louis van Gaal’s boring play,’ says the back-page ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in The Sun.

Well, the cheeky b***ards.

‘And the branded adidas top is being sold in the Old Trafford club shop!’

It gets worse.

‘A staff member told SunSport they were embarrassed to be flogging the £20 garment. It carries the slogan ‘Duty To Entertain’ – appearing to take a swipe at the tepid football being dished up.

‘He said: “It only came in a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe we are stocking it – surely it is something which should have come out at the start of the season rather than after such bad results.”‘

Indeed. It wouldn’t be shocking if this t-shirt was available in – say – September.

But perhaps the t-shirt is old – though that does weaken the ‘exclusive’ claim that adidas ‘have released a T-shirt mocking Louis van Gaal’s boring play’ – but the club shop has recently started stocking the item in protest? Maybe that’s it.


Still, well done Fred Nathan. You have ‘exclusively’ revealed that the Manchester United club shop has been selling a t-shirt that is not taking a swipe at Louis van Gaal since the start of the season. You’ve made it, fella.



Nuisance call
Presumably many of you have seen this lovely video of Jurgen Klopp’s cheeky little nutmeg of Roberto Firmino, followed by some comedy finger-wagging from the Brazilian and a wonderful grin from the Liverpool manager. It probably made you smile.

If you watched that and thought ‘Jurgen Klopp likes to take a hands on approach in training, get involved with the players, push them to their limits’, then congratulations, you are Lee Thomas-Mason of the Metro website.

Their headline? ‘Jurgen Klopp annoys Roberto Firmino by nutmegging him in training.’

Yes. He looks really f***ing annoyed. We’re just surprised he didn’t tw*t him.


Figure skating
Hats off (and then on swiftly on again) to the Daily Mail’s Sami Mokbel, who writes that ‘TOTTENHAM’S players are on course to collect a seven-figure windfall if they win the Barclays Premier League this season’. That sounds a lot. Lucky things.

‘Sportsmail understands the Spurs squad will split a bonus pot worth at least £5million if they qualify for the Champions League and will be in line for an even bigger pay-out if they make history by winning the club’s first Premier League title.’

So they are actually on course to collect a share of a seven-figure windfall. Which would come in at around £200,000 per man. Or about a month’s wages. Mediawatch understands that’s not really a windfall. Or indeed even vaguely surprising.


Error of the day
The Daily Mirror must be embarrassed. They have accidentally printed the headline ‘TOO BRAVE FOR HIS OWN GOOD’ on their Wayne Rooney ‘playing through injury’ story. It’s not even like ‘STUPID’ is spelled remotely like ‘BRAVE’.


Contact sport
Neil Custis, Exclusive, The Sun, December 20: ‘LOUIS VAN GAAL is on his way out of Manchester United after contact was made with Jose Mourinho.’

Neil Custis, Exclusive, The Sun, February 8: ‘MAURICIO POCHETTINO could wreck Jose Mourinho’s dream of becoming Manchester United’s next manager. SunSport understands United chiefs have spoken to representatives of the Tottenham boss about succeeding Louis van Gaal. Similar conversations are on-going between Old Trafford chiefs and Mourinho, who is desperate for the job.’

Neil Custis, Exclusive, The Sun, February 18: ‘JOSE MOURINHO HAS turned down job offers from Italy and China while he waits for the call from Manchester United.’

Was the initial contact by pigeon?


Hint of the day
In the Daily Mail’s wa*k-fest over Zlatan Ibrahimovic (‘Goals, glamour and arrogance. If this man comes to England one thing’s for sure…ZLAT’S ENTERTAINMENT’), Sami Mokbel and Matt Barlow reveal the reason they are certain the Swede is coming:

‘The striker has not renewed the lease on his Paris apartment, a clear hint he is preparing to leave France at the end of the season.’

Mediawatch suspects that him not renewing his contract with the actual football club may be a slightly clearer hint.


Short-term memory of the day
Headline on MailOnline: ‘Hazard is a spoilt child. If I was his team-mate, I would kick him up and down the training pitch’, says Keane in blast at Chelsea flop.’

That would be the reigning PFA and FWA Footballer of the Year and Chelsea flop Eden Hazard.


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