Manchester United U-turn on £100m move demanded after ‘defeatist’ transfer stance

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Manchester United targets Declan Rice and Harry Kane

Harry Kane scoring a goal set up by Luke Shaw and Marcus Rashford has somehow reignited talk of the Spurs striker joining ‘defeatist’ Manchester United.


Buk the trend
‘HARRY KANE was almost teasing and tormenting those Manchester United fans in the Stretford End,’ is the sort of opening paragraph that only a tabloid football journalist can conjure about a 7-0 England win in which Harry Kane did not score the most goals and was demonstrably not the best player.

But everything has to be about Captain Fantastic and a move Charlie Wyett of The Sun absolutely knows is not happening.

They were hoping this was a glimpse of the future, a goal combination they see on a regular basis next season in the Premier League.

Marcus Rashford played a clever ball to Luke Shaw and his cross was dispatched with ease by Harry Kane.

The England captain celebrated in the corner, the area where the loudest fans are located during home matches, although sadly for the Old Trafford regulars here, they can keep dreaming, but this will not become a reality next season.

However much tapping-up Luke Shaw may have done, it will not do anything to change the mind of Spurs chairman Daniel Levy who will not sell to another English team.

Someone wrote the start of their match report on the first goal and decided to largely ignore the next six, didn’t they? That is the only explanation for leading on Kane and a dead transfer.

It is not until the ninth paragraph when the main man is even mentioned. And credit to Wyett, who has the gall to describe Bukayo Saka as ‘the headline grabber’ in the process. Because all headlines should come 200 words into match reports.

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Kane we talk?
In fact, Saka is such a ‘headline grabber’ that Wyett almost immediately switches focus back to Kane.

But Saka, along with all the other younger players, have the perfect role model to look up to in Kane, who now looks certain to remain at Tottenham next season.

He is certainly no party animal. Not like certain members of the Manchester City squad. Yet Kane is more interested in smashing records [than] hitting the bar.

Well Kane might be a ‘party animal’ if he won a Treble. Or a trophy. Or scored a legitimate England goal. The fraud.


But the Levy was dry
Other outlets have their Kane to Manchester United fun, particularly the Manchester Evening News with these headlines:

Erik ten Hag shown glimpse into dream Manchester United future

‘What we all dream of’ – Manchester United fans send Harry Kane transfer message after England goal

But those are perfectly fine examples of typical online content. No problems there. Fair play.

The Daily Telegraph and Matt Law should know far better, yet they go all in on the theme.

‘Does he sit tight and hope that reports of United ending their interest in him due to the demands of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy prove to be a bargaining chip, or does he take matters into his own hands?’ Law asks, presumably forgetting how well that went last time.

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‘There should really be a queue of clubs ready to spend all summer trying to sign Kane,’ Law adds, before stumbling upon the answer…

…and yet Levy’s £100 million valuation of his star man, added to his determination to make life particularly difficult for Premier League rivals, means genuine interest is not what it should be.

Well quite.

Kane is in a stronger position than he was in 2021, when he tried to engineer a move to Manchester City, with just one year remaining on his Spurs contract and little sign of him signing an extension.

That is all fine in theory but again: Levy is not going to sell to a direct Premier League rival. That really is the end of that chapter.

Given the scarcity of competition this summer, United may not have a better chance to try to sign Kane and giving up without so much as a fight before we’re even in July feels prematurely defeatist for the club that plays in the so-called Theatre of Dreams.

For the last time: Daniel Levy. He remains in control of the situation, whether Kane has one year or 10 left on his contract, and whether Kane ‘pushes’ to leave or not.

If anything, Manchester United ‘giving up without so much as a fight before we’re even in July’ is a sign of a sensible club learning not to waste time chasing an impossible deal.

Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag pumps his fist at the supporters


Big deal
Over at the Daily Mail, Ian Ladyman is impressed with England but bangs that familiar – and completely knackered – drum:

England still need to learn how to beat big nations in big tournaments but they can’t try that again until they get there.

Germany at the Euros not good enough?

And it’s great to see the ‘in big tournaments’ caveat officially cemented, because why should a Euros qualifying victory away at reigning champions Italy three months ago count?


Cherry picking
Mediawatch expected some sort of kickback to Bournemouth’s decision to sack Gary O’Neil. It did seem a strange call at first and still comes across as pretty harsh on a manager who overachieved this past season. But the Cherries’ almost immediate appointment of Andoni Iraola represents, at the very least, a club with a plan. And the success of that plan can hardly be properly evaluated in mid-June, before Bournemouth have signed anyone or embarked on their pre-season preparations.

On the other hand, Oliver Holt is professionally incandescent in the Daily Mail:

Bournemouth’s decision to sack Gary O’Neil ranks as one of the more bizarre decisions in recent Premier League history.

It ranks as one of the most ruthless, certainly. Or ‘brutal’, as any vaguely controversial sacking must be described. But it isn’t particularly ‘bizarre’ to replace someone whose first-team managerial career consists of 37 games with another who has managed 214 games.

Iraola has more than twice as many victories as a manager (84) as O’Neil has games. You can disagree with the decision and cite factors such as Premier League experience but ‘bizarre’ this is not.

However well his swiftly-appointed replacement Andoni Iraola performs in his stead is irrelevant because it felt as if Bournemouth were already on a sharp upward trajectory under O’Neil.

Hahaha. That’s one way of winning the argument: stating that whatever happens next is ‘irrelevant’. If Bournemouth win the Premier League under Iraola it doesn’t matter because they ‘were already on a sharp upward trajectory under O’Neil’.


Misleading headline of the day
‘STAR RELEASED Fulham star released after being arrested over ‘death threat’ against ex’.

Released without charge. By the police. Not Fulham. But The Sun website knows full well how that reads.


…and the runner-up
‘Man City Champions League winner ‘to leave club this summer”

The story is accompanied by a picture of Manchester City players celebrating winning the Champions League, with an inset image of Kyle Walker’s face.

The story is about Joao Cancelo, who is obviously not in the picture of Manchester City players celebrating winning the Champions League, nor does he have Kyle Walker’s face. But Cancelo’s exit – for it truly is BREAKING news that he won’t be staying at Manchester City – could affect the England international. Which is presumably why he isn’t mentioned by name once in the entire article.