Reason behind Mac Allister rejecting Man Utd for Liverpool revealed – it’s not Klopp but Rashford

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Alexis Mac Allister salutes the fans before the game against Liverpool

Alexis Mac Allister is joining Liverpool instead of Man Utd not due to the lure of working with Jurgen Klopp, but because Marcus Rashford wears the No. 10.


Dreams can come true
Quite what has changed between May 12, when the Liverpool Echo published a story with this headline…

Alexis Mac Allister can grab dream Liverpool FC shirt number after summer transfer

…and June 5, when the same outlet went with this…

Alexis Mac Allister could be handed his ‘dream’ shirt number after Liverpool move

…is a mystery. But all of a sudden he is being handed what he once grabbed, with ‘dream’ in quote marks despite there still being no actual quoted evidence of Alexis Mac Allister ‘dreaming’ of playing football with a number 10 on his back. Possibly because he is not a child.

This Mac Allister guff was dealt with long ago. If there are no updates then do we have really have to start recycling nonsensical articles from just three weeks ago?


Inside No. 10
The annoying thing is that there has been an update: The Times have reported that Liverpool ‘are hopeful of concluding a deal this week’ for Mac Allister.

Paul Joyce, the most well-connected of all Liverpool journalists, makes mention of Mac Allister being ‘keen to work with Jurgen Klopp’, the Argentinean even favouring a move to Anfield over Man Utd.

But he weirdly says nothing about Mac Allister being so desperate to join Liverpool because he can wear his ‘dream’ shirt number, with Man Utd’s hopes presumably scuppered because Marcus Rashford is refusing to relinquish the No. 10.

You’ve missed a trick there, Paul. Have a word with those contacts.


Make a Mountain out of a molehill
Joyce does make it clear that while Mac Allister was Liverpool’s priority midfield signing, an interest was indeed held in Mason Mount.

But the Chelsea player seems to be headed to Man Utd instead, devastated though Ben Chilwell might be about that prospect.

The pair were at the Spanish Grand Prix over the weekend and  Sky Sports managed to collar both and eagerly extract a handful of words that could keep the transfer wheel spinning. Gems such as “it’s none of my business personally but I would love him to stay,” from Chilwell. Or “what’s he saying? I’m here to just enjoy this race today. Amazing day. Can’t wait to watch it, yeah,” courtesy of Mount.

The summer transfer window truly has arrived. This is the good stuff.

They quite predictably and justifiably said absolutely nothing of any importance, basically. But that was still more than enough for The Sun website to pretend Mount ‘FLEED’ an interview – he walked the past the cameras when Chilwell was talking – or that he ‘refused to rule out Man United move’ (MailOnline) despite clearly just wanting not to have a microphone thrust in his face on holiday.


Tense battle
And the summer transfer window really sodding well is here, as confirmed by this Liverpool Echo headline…

Liverpool proven right after beating Arsenal to free transfer who turned down Man City

…to a piece about James Milner. It’s going to be a long few months.

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The chosen Gundogan
Another Liverpool Echo headline tells us that ‘Liverpool remain in top spot as Manchester United miss chance and Man City don’t come close,’ which is their way of making the 2023 FA Cup final between Man Utd and Manchester City entirely about Liverpool because they have still won more major trophies than any other English club.

Their fourth-round exit to Brighton in a trophyless season clearly Means More.

But they were not the only ones having fun with the FA Cup final. The Sun website happily pretend that ‘Man City hero Ilkay Gundogan missed out on FA Cup medal to little-known star who didn’t even make squad’.

That is a little harsh on poor Sergio Gomez. It is also absolute b*llocks because they themselves say that while Gundogan was ‘denied’ a medal ‘on the Wembley balcony’ because they ran out, he ‘got his later that day’. Because obviously he bloody did.


Maguire practice
On the other side of that final, ‘Harry Maguire’s reaction after FA Cup defeat speaks volumes as Man Utd misery compounded’. Quite, the Daily Mirror website. You took the words right out of Mediawatch’s mouth.

Except wait, what? No. How did the reaction of a player who did not play speak volumes? And what volumes were spoken?

Well Maguire ‘cut himself adrift from his Manchester United team-mates’ after the game and ‘was not rallying around his team-mates after full-time despite taking his tracksuit off to show his match kit’.

He also ‘remained in the dugout’ and was ‘seen in dialogue with technical director Darren Fletcher’.

Yet at no stage are we told what any of this means, what message Maguire managed to convey so loudly by showing unity and support for his teammates while keeping a distance in a difficult moment.

Maguire could have trudged onto the pitch, dragged every player onto their feet and told them to dust themselves off. He would have been mocked and abused as per usual and it would have spoken similarly illogical volumes, but he certainly could have done it.


Can you blow my whistle, baby?
And fair play to the Manchester Evening News for telling us…

What Manchester United’s Harry Maguire did between final whistle and FA Cup trophy presentation

…when it literally amounts to him taking his tracksuit off and giving Bruno Fernandes ‘the green light’ to lead the team up the Wembley steps.

Definitely worth a story. And definitely voluminous.


Nonsense headline of the day
‘Chelsea pull out of £52m Ugarte deal despite paying fee’ – Daily Star website, who are apparently unaware that provisionally agreeing to trigger a player’s release clause does not make it a legal obligation even when you subsequently fail to agree personal terms.