Mediawatch: ‘Second-class citizen’ Moyes has one fan…

Date published: Monday 6th November 2017 12:32

The media in 2017
Headline on MailOnline:

”Sort her out!’ Dele Alli’s model girlfriend Ruby Mae sends football fans wild as she pulls ‘miserable’ expression and sits in the stands with her feet up during Tottenham game’.

Mediawatch is unsure what is more upsetting – the casual misogny, the utter non-story of a woman watching football with her feet up or the description of Tottenham’s clash with Crystal Palace as ‘one of the most anticipated games of the season’.


Phil yer boots
Fresh from championing David Unsworth for the Everton job and claiming that British coaches are ‘second-class citizens’, Phil Neville is back suggesting another British coach for another Premier League job. And his views about David Moyes are absolutely not related to him being his friend. Oh no. How could you even suggest such a thing? And the fact that Moyes is likely to offer Neville a job should he be appointed by West Ham is also irrelevant. Or at least as irrelevant as the last four years of his managerial career.

“I hope David Moyes gets the opportunity to get the job,” Phil Neville told BBC Radio 5Live.

Well, we are flabbergasted.

“West Ham look like they need a change and I think David Moyes is perfect. He’s had a couple of bad experiences but he’s still a fantastic coach and I won’t let anyone else tell me otherwise. He would do a fantastic job at West Ham.”

Sorry Phil but we really do have to tell you otherwise. Dismissing the last four years and three different managerial jobs as “a couple of bad experiences” is really quite extraordinary. He has won ten of his last 54 competitive games as a manager, Phil; he only managed eight in 43 at Sunderland; the only teams his Sunderland side beat in 2017 were Crystal Palace and Hull; his Sunderland side were immeasurably abject.

Show us a foreign manager who would get another Premier League manager’s job after that record, Phil. We shall patiently wait here while your second-class citizen friend gets an upgrade based a) on his passport and b) club owners’ chronic lack of imagination.


Road to Alanis
File under ‘astonishing lack of self-awareness’:

“It’s always time an English manager was given the chance, as far as I’m concerned Gary, or a British manager – there’s no doubt about that. And there’s not enough of us given the chance.”

Yes, that’s the same British manager Sam Allardyce likely to be appointed Everton manager in the very same week that British manager David Moyes becomes West Ham boss.


Auto-Matic pilot
Mediawatch does not like to pick on Phil Neville after he has endured a lifetime of Chinese burns from his big brother but this was him on BBC Radio 5Live last week…

“What’s gone wrong for Chelsea? One word. Matic. It’s as simple as that. The minute they sold Nemanja Matic was a mistake.

“When you had Matic sat in front of you, alongside Kante, there was protection. Whoever made that decision needs sacking. That is one of the poorest decisions I have ever seen in the Premier League.”

Nowhere near as poor as a struggling Premier League team appointing a man with an 18.6% win rate from his last job, Phil.

Oh and that Chelsea midfield seemed to cope just fine without Nemanja Matic on Sunday, fella. It might just be that Antonio Conte has a grasp on this management lark, despite being nothing but a foreign.


My friend Michael…
Mediawatch usually steers clear of the elder and wiser Neville, but sometimes the elder and wiser Neville challenges Phil for a) codswallop and b) loyalty to old friends.

Why did Manchester United’s midfield struggle against Chelsea, even with Nemanja Matic? He tells Sky Sports:

“I think Pogba is a big miss because of his confidence and arrogance. He takes the ball into tight areas, holds the ball, beats a man.

“Michael Carrick, too – he delivers those passes up to strikers, to the side of defenders, and I think those two players would have made a big difference.”

Pogba? Fair. Carrick? He has not played a single minute of Premier League football all season, Gary. Why not just say that they missed Roy Keane?


Double somersault with pike
Last week ‘Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho produced a tactical masterclass to outwit Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino’, and ‘the result has halted the Spurs juggernaut while also keeping United’s title dream firmly alive, with Mourinho coming up trumps’.

This week ‘THERE is no hiding place’ and ‘Manchester United’s hopes of winning the Premier League title seemed to disappear’ with Jose Mourinho down the tunnel.

Once again Mediawatch enjoys a trip into the hyperbolic flip-flop mind of The Sun’s Neil Ashton.


Manchester United: A Reminder
Alan Shearer tipped Manchester United for the title this season so he is reluctant to let go, but let go he does as he admits in The Sun that Manchester City are ‘something else’.

But he is not letting go without suggesting that Jose Mourinho is in fact doing an excellent job.

‘Let’s remember this is only their second defeat in all competitions this season. The Manchester United that Jose Mourinho took over was on its knees despite the FA Cup win.’

And let’s remember that the Manchester United that Jose Mourinho took over had finished level on points with Manchester City.

On its knees? They weren’t sodding Sunderland.


Tactics talk with the Mirror
Daily Mirror Chief Football Writer and hater of hipsters and tactics talk John Cross, p51:

‘They were no more ambitious at Stamford Bridge. United set up defensively with Eric Bailly, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones in a back three.’

Daily Mirror journalist Adrian Kajumba, not just counting defenders, p51:

‘After coming in for plenty of stick for United’s display at Anfield last month, and perhaps sensing a vulnerability about Chelsea, Moourinho adopted a more attacking approach at Stamford Bridge.’

Literally on the same page. But really not.


Call the Pulis
Mediawatch is bracing itself for the outpouring of disbelief should Tony Pulis be sacked by West Brom after the Baggies have been the worst club in the Premier League in 2017 barring Crystal Palace. The Daily Mirror headline is ‘REMEMBER, REMEMBER…WHAT I DID BEFORE NOVEMBER’ but do they mean November 2016?

Here’s Tony Pulis believing he has been a victim of increased expectations:

“We brought some good players in and everybody was talking about us finishing in the top eight. That’s expectation.”

Balls, Tony. Every single pre-season prediction we have seen had West Brom finishing between 11th and 13th.

Paul Merson, for example, predicted 13th and said:

“Tony Pulis is going to make them hard to beat, Tony is Tony! If you take him out of there, I think you drop them down five or so places.

“But with him there, they’re great at set plays, and they’re solid. Mid-table is about right for them again.”

By that reckoning, West Brom would now be in 21st without Tony Pulis; Baggies fans really should be careful what they wish for.


Being: Manchester United
Jamie Redknapp lauds Brendan Rodgers (‘he could manage any of the clubs in the top six’ is technically true) in the Daily Mail and says:

‘Only a fool would say that his achievements are merely down to the standard of the Scottish Premiership.’

Well pity this fool.

Only a fool would think we would forget that Jamie’s dad Harry Redknapp and Brendan Rodgers are friends.


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