Solskjaer will not resign and Glazers face unfair criticism

Date published: Thursday 18th November 2021 11:08 - Editor F365

Manchester United fans protest against the Glazer family

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will not resign as Man Utd manager, which could lead to criticism of the Glazers. Don’t fans know they’ve spent loads?


Neil Custis has some breaking news in The Sun: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘will not walk away from Old Trafford’.

How surprising that a club legend who would never have got his dream job in the first place based on his experience, qualifications and suitability is not going to quit, thus accepting defeat and also foregoing any compensation.

Did his lack of resignation during the international break give away the exclusive that he is ‘refusing to quit’?


Glazed over
That story also contains the following paragraphs:

‘The board have made moves to communicate better with fans groups following protests after the bungled European Super League bid.

‘The anti-Glazer sentiment has since died down.

‘But the owning family know if the current crisis continues, the anger will probably turn back their way, despite having backed each of the last three managers to a huge degree in the transfer market.’

Silly fans for blaming owners who are keeping an underperforming manager in employment. Don’t they know the Glazers have ‘backed each of the last three managers to a huge degree in the transfer market’? Ignore the debt approaching half a billion. And the series of poor boardroom decisions dating back well over a decade leading to an eight-year title drought. And the fact that money has been spent quite badly, quite often. Oh, and…

Isn’t it mad how ‘the anger will probably turn back their way’ if the club they run continues to fail?


Heat stroke
Also in The Sun is this first paragraph to a story on Manchester United publishing their financial results, featuring some words from Ed Woodward:

‘MANCHESTER UNITED turned up the heat on boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – with a reminder that on-field success is still the No 1 priority.’

You’d think he knows by now. And not just because they say it at pretty much every investors’ call.


A hiding to nothing
But the front page of The Sun is once again dominated by Jack Grealish’s reported romantic life. It features much the same tasteful handling as Wednesday’s story, with the website update around lunchtime filling us in further with these crucial titbits.

‘JACK Grealish has been seen hiding from the cameras as he heads to training after we exclusively revealed he was dating two stars at once.’

Not sure you can be ‘seen hiding from the cameras’ in an actual photo. Just because he didn’t stop and pose for your long-lens shot, doesn’t mean he’s ‘hiding’. Maybe he just doesn’t want to engage with your nonsense?

‘The Manchester City star wore the hood of his coat tightly over his head and shielded his face after news broke he was seeing both Amber Gill and Emily Atack.’

Something one of those two women have already denied but Mediawatch is already in far deeper than it wishes to be so we’ll leave that there.

‘Now, Jack has been spotted leaving his accomodation [sic] to go to training, hiding his face in his £1,800 Gucci jacket, which had been zipped up tight.

‘The footballer, who also wore black jogging bottoms and trainers, had pulled the hood of his coat over his head following the news of his love triangle.’

Ah, a cursory mention of an expensive item of clothing, banal descriptions of minute details in photos and a misspelling. It’s tabloid 101 and it would be lovely if it stopped pervading the football coverage.


V for Vieira
Gideon Brooks is high on Patrick Vieira and predicts ‘a scramble for his services before long’ in the Daily Mirror. And the Frenchman really has done excellently so far at Crystal Palace; that much is clear.

But exception must be taken at the suggestion that he has ‘revived what looked like a declining team’ under Roy Hodgson.

His five seasons at Selhurst Park saw them finish between 11th and 14th, with their points totals ranging between 41 and 49. They came 14th in 2019/20 with 43 points, then 14th again in 2020/21 with 44 points.

Stagnating? Absolutely. ‘Declining’? Not at all.

But back to Vieira, whose most eye-catching result and performance so far was produced at the Etihad Stadium last month.

That was ‘an audition which pleased the City hierarchy,’ apparently. They must have been absolutely delighted to lose by two clear goals to a side deemed by many to be a pre-season relegation candidate.


Wilder at heart
The headline: ‘WILDER’S HELL OF A VISION’.

The opening paragraph: ‘Chris Wilder wants rivals to endure a nightmare when they visit Middlesbrough.’

The quote: “I’m not saying it’s going to be a ‘Galatasaray welcome to Hell’. But I don’t want anyone coming here, rolling the ball around and getting an easy win. Teams who play us will have to go through all of us – players, staff and most importantly, our passionate supporters.”

The story: Manager wants to win home games.

Credit to the Daily Mirror for hearing Wilder say “Galatasaray welcome to Hell” but not the other bits.


Villa holidays
‘Dean Smith insists he wants his Aston Villa replacement Steven Gerrard to be ‘very successful’ – but not at the expense of new club Norwich’ – MailOnline (obviously).

You mean the lifelong Aston Villa fan wants Aston Villa to do well, provided it doesn’t impact his current job?


PANTS on fire
‘Ronaldo strips down to his PANTS as Man Utd star shares steamy sauna picture’ – The Sun website.

And there Mediawatch was, assuming Cristiano Ronaldo would be donning his woolly jumper, overcoat and five pairs of jeans for his trip to the sauna.


Feelings good
Brendan Rodgers made feelings on Man Utd clear several times when he was Liverpool boss’ – Daily Mirror website.

This is huge: he often spoke of his respect for Manchester United, a club he considers to be quite big.

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