Mediawatch: Why Jurgen Klopp will leave Liverpool

Date published: Thursday 24th August 2017 4:26

Have a lie-down, Jurgen
The Times’
Tony Cascarino wrote on Monday that he feels that Hugo Lloris is the reason why Tottenham will not win the Premier League (yes, the same Hugo Lloris who helped Tottenham concede only 26 goals in 38 Premier League games last season) so he is no stranger to a strange opinion. On Thursday he takes this to another level with this on Jurgen Klopp…

‘I totally get why some managers who demand great intensity from their players want to take a break from football for a while. Pep Guardiola did that when stepping down at Barcelona in 2012, and I can’t see Klopp staying for a very long time at Anfield for the same reason. I just don’t think it’s possible.’

Now we know that British pundits struggle to remember that there is life outside the Premier League so Mediawatch would like to gently remind Tony that Klopp has done this before – for seven years at Mainz and seven years at Borussia Dortmund; we think he will be okay.


Pulling teeth
That a Hoffenheim fan brushing his teeth at Anfield has become headline news on various football websites says worrying things about the state of the football media in 2017.

That a Hoffenheim fan brushing his teeth at Anfield is headlined ‘Skipped your dentist appointment for an away day? Hoffenhaim fan caught BRUSHING HIS TEETH’ at Anfield’ says worrying things about the state of somebody at the MailOnline’s teeth.

You are supposed to brush your teeth at home too, you know.


Hart attack
Mediawatch had always presumed that Joe Hart would carry on as England’s No. 1 until he either retired or died, so imagine our gratitude to John Cross for ‘exclusively’ revealing that ‘JOE HART is losing his grip on the England No. 1 spot’.

How we wish we had those contacts.

It seems ‘Southgate is giving serious consideration to installing Stoke’s Jack Butland for the clash in Malta tomorrow week’. Presumably because Butland is currently the better goalkeeper and Joe Hart has conceded seven goals in his first two Premier League games for West Ham.

We were incredibly impressed when the Daily Telegraph claimed the exact same exclusive two days ago, but Crossy has really has raised the bar here; our cap is duly doffed.


Who is the fairest of them all?
Now John Cross may have England contacts that tell him ‘exclusively’ that Joe Hart may no longer be England’s No. 1 but what he does not have is the title of Chief Sports Writer at the Daily Mirror, and it looks very much like he has been outranked by Andy Dunn when it comes to writing about Wayne Rooney.

Cross wrote on the Daily Mirror website on Wednesday afternoon:

‘It will only be now that Wayne Rooney’s England career will be truly appreciated. Amid all of the gushing tributes after his announcement will come a realisation that he must go down as one of England’s greats. How there is even a debate over his status as England legend is anyone’s guess.

‘Maybe it’s petty jealousy or club allegiances but Rooney didn’t always get the credit he deserved.’

But when it came to the Daily Mirror newspaper on Thursday morning, it is only one man’s opinion that counts, and it’s not Crossy’s.

Andy Dunn writes – under a sub-headline of ‘despite the stats Rooney was no England legend’:

‘It is impossible, albeit bizarre, not to see his landmark-setting international career as far from a complete success.

‘They were certainly not alone but, typically, the Football Association’s official England Twitter account greeted his international retirement by calling Rooney ‘forever a Three Lions legend’.

‘No, he is not.

‘The England team and those who run it have long had an over-inflated opinion of themselves, have long over-rated their place in world football’s pecking order. Rooney has been a very good player in a succession of very ordinary England teams.

‘That might not fit in with the legend narrative, with the commercially-driven hyperbole, with the Three Lions marketing nonsense but it is fact.

‘It means there are few of them but like it or not, legends lift trophies. Seminal moments make international legends 0 Geoff Hurst declaring it all over with his left boot, Bobby Moore pointing Jules Rimet towards the Wembley sky.

‘Statistics, even record-breaking statistics, do not make legends.’

Oh Andy, you are obviously just pettily jealous or simply being all Liverpudlian. But then at least you got in the newspaper…


Mediawatch has a love for the lexicon of transfer gossip and our current favourite – as demonstrated in the Daily Mirror – is the ‘dramatic bid’.

If Inter Milan have not hired at least one actor in Shakespearean garb to deliver an offer for Shkodran Mustafi then we demand a refund on our 70p.


ave made initial contact with Chelsea over a move to sign Gary Cahill. The Serie A champions are in desperate need of a new centre-back, having lost Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan.’

Now Mediawatch is not saying that 


Head case
According to the back page of the Daily Mail, ‘HULL CITY will allow Ryan Mason to make the call on whether he plays again after he sees a third specialist on Monday’.

As opposed to what? Forcing a man recovering from a fractured skull to get the f*** back out there on the pitch?


Ask a simple question…
‘Alexis Sanchez fit to play against Liverpool – but will it be his final game for Arsenal?’ – Daily Telegraph.

No. No it won’t.

You’re welcome.


Central problem
Sky Sports have put together an ‘England XI based on Sky Sports’ Power Rankings’ in-form players’.

It is also an England XI based on the outdated notion that Dele Alli is a central midfielder; he last played there on January 1.


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