Will Jude Bellingham be BANNED for Euro 2024 quarter-final against Germany? Obviously not, but…

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England player Jude Bellingham reacts after the Euro 2024 victory over Slovakia
Jude Bellingham could (but won't) be banned for England's quarter-final

England are in for a tough game against Switzerland and things are only about to get worse if Jude Bellingham is BANNED for his ‘controversial gesture’.


Spotted dicks
One constant in the post-match coverage of England at Euro 2024 so far has been the proliferation of stories based on supporters having two things: eyes and, most regrettably of all, a keyboard.

Fans ‘spotting’ something has been an emerging star in Germany for online publications desperate to hoover up any doom-mongering clicks, like the obvious problems between Gareth Southgate and Cole Palmer, or this from The Sun website:

‘Fans spot Jordan Pickford’s ‘baffled’ reaction to Southgate’s substitution in England’s Euro 2024 clash against Slovakia’

It’s clever because it puts the responsibility on two ‘fans’, whose tweets to a combined 1,000 or so followers attracted a single like but justified the publication of a story by a major outlet. It’s also stupid because it’s stupid.

Do they know what Pickford was reacting to? Do they need to when they can capture an entirely contextless still image of the moment he ‘appeared to wear a confused expression’ when England happened to be making a sub, write a few hundred words and chuck it out into the ether, knowing people will read it because it implies Southgate is losing the faith of even his own players?

The same website also offers:

‘Wright & Neville go wild after Bellingham’s goal – as fans spot Keane’s reaction,’ in which fans managed to ‘spot’ something quite clearly shown on camera.

‘Fans love Bellingham’s ‘coldest celebration’ and spot two-word outburst after goal’, in which fans managed to ‘spot’ something literally everyone did and Bellingham was even asked about after the game.

‘England fans say ‘what even is time?’ as they notice bizarre scoreboard quirk’, in which fans ‘noticed’ England scored in the fifth minute of second half stoppage time and first minute of extra-time.

Why employ highly-paid writers when you can just get Twitter users to ‘spot’ stuff?

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Ring my Bell
And why even do that when you could just pretend that Bellingham is about to serve a one-match suspension in the Euro 2024 quarter-final against Switzerland?

‘Jude Bellingham could be BANNED from England’s Euro 2024 quarter-final against Switzerland as UEFA await report on x-rated gesture after goal against Slovakia – which he calls an ‘inside joke’,’ screams the MailOnline, as if the headline length didn’t already give that away.

Bellingham apparently ‘landed himself in hot water after performing an X-rated gesture, seemingly aimed at one of the benches, while celebrating his special goal’.

And this is the problem with simply spotting things and leaving them up to conjecture. It ‘was perceived by many to be an offensive gesture aimed at the Slovakian bench’ based on absolutely nothing. Some people just decided it was in the vague direction of the opposition bench and thus could only possibly have been intended for them, and a couple of irresponsible outlets have nothing better to do than to run with it.

Bellingham has literally explained that it was ‘an inside joke gesture towards some close friends who were at the game,’ but that is buried seven paragraphs deep after a series of pictures, a tweet and a description of how he ‘was seen moving his right hand from his face towards his groin, before thrusting it back and forth while staring towards the sidelines’.

But ‘Portuguese newspaper A Bola has reported that UEFA may consider the act worthy of a one-match ban’. Portuguese newspaper A Bola, in the cited story, also says Bellingham ‘made an obscene gesture towards the Georgia bench’ and now ‘could miss the quarter-final match against Germany’, so forgive Mediawatch for not investing too much in their claims.

The lack of precedent for such an action receiving any sort of ban is summed up by the MailOnline pointing out that ‘it is not the first time the gesture has been made by an individual in football,’ then citing Diego Simeone (who simply apologised) and Cristiano Ronaldo (who was only fined). Plus those two incidents were linked and happened more than five years ago.

Aside from that, Bellingham is definitely BANNED for the quarter-final against Germany. That’s a real kick in the cojones.

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Ask a simple question
‘Will Jude Bellingham be banned for England vs Switzerland at Euro 2024?’ – Goal.com.

Nope – Mediawatch.


Why you gotta be so Jude?
‘Jude Bellingham defends controversial gesture after England star accused of taunting Slovakian bench in Euro 2024 clash’ – The Sun website.

Not quite. He explained it and there is an important difference between that and ‘defending’ something which was only ‘controversial’ because certain people decided it was.


Hit back at you like a Harry Kane
Mediawatch did not expect anything of the sort when the Daily Mirror website promised that ‘Harry Kane hits back at England critics after Jude Bellingham’s heroics,’ but the headline was intriguing enough to wade through the predictably banal quotes for this savage response from the captain.

“We’ll do whatever it takes. This team knows how to dig deep. That’s exactly what we’ve done today. Of course we could have been better. But ultimately it’s a results business. That’s what we care about. We can enjoy this, enjoy the comeback and hopefully take that momentum into the rest of the tournament.”

If you’ve been at all critical of England’s performances at Euro 2024, consider yourselves told.


The Doug days are over
‘Luiz completes Juventus transfer from Aston Villa with girlfriend set to follow’ – The Sun website.

That will be fellow actual professional footballer Alisha Lehmann, who is also reportedly signing for Juventus.

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