Merson promises Tottenham tattoo as Arsenal hero reveals more important game than Spurs v City

Jason Soutar
Arsenal icon Paul Merson
Arsenal icon Paul Merson

Arsenal icon Paul Merson says he will get a Tottenham tattoo if they do their north London rivals a favour by avoiding defeat against Manchester City on Tuesday.

With the Premier League title out of their hands, Arsenal are hoping Tottenham either draw or win against Pep Guardiola’s men this week to put their destiny under their control.

City then host West Ham United on the final day of the season, with Declan Rice’s former club unlikely to do the Gunners any favours.

With Arsenal eagerly watching Tuesday’s game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the club’s former midfielder Merson has vowed to get a Spurs tattoo if they get something against City, such is his confidence that they will not.

“If [Aston] Villa got beat tomorrow by two or three, all of a sudden that goal difference changes a bit,” he said on Sky Sports. “If they go and get beat by one or two at Palace…

“If they lost their next two games by two clear goals, I am not talking about the extraordinary here, that’s four goals, then all of a sudden Tottenham…if they get a draw against City I am having a tattoo, and then they go and put six past Sheffield United.

“It all goes down to Tuesday, I am starting to want Arsenal not to win it now. It would be the little cockerel on the ball, but I will have it. I will have it.”

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While the Spurs game against Man City will be huge for Arsenal, Merson thinks Monday’s fixture between Aston Villa and Liverpool holds more importance, as without a Reds win, Ange Postecoglou’s side will have nothing to play for.

Should Liverpool win at Villa Park, Spurs will have a fighting chance of finishing fourth and know they will have to beat Pep Guardiola’s men if they are to stand a chance of making that happen.

“Every Arsenal fan needs Aston Villa to get beaten,” Merson said.

“If Liverpool can get a result, Tottenham have to stay hungry on Tuesday and I know it’s an eight-goal spread at the moment but if they went and got a draw and Liverpool win by two or three goals tomorrow night, then all of a sudden Aston Villa play Palace. No one wants to play Palace at the moment and they (Tottenham) go to Sheffield United and Sheffield United… wow.

“But if Villa get a result (against Liverpool), there’s no way (Tottenham get a result against Man City).

“They won’t be playing for anything. I played in them games, they aren’t wanting Arsenal to win the league.

“It will get to a stage where Tottenham fans will cheer if Man City score. They will!

“The one thing they don’t want is Arsenal to win the league, that’s the one thing, but they have no choice, if Aston Villa get beat, than to stay hungry.”

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Tottenham players and staff held a lap of appreciation following their weekend win against Burnley, even though they have another home match to play against the Premier League champions, something Merson questioned.

“That summed it up when they done a lap of honour (on Saturday), because they know!” he added.

“Man Utd have got Newcastle on Wednesday – they didn’t do it (after the Arsenal game on Sunday)!”

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