Mertesacker explains how Arsenal’s players must improve

Daniel Storey

Per Mertesacker says that it is his responsibility to make Arsenal’s players want it more.

Speaking before Arsenal face Everton, Mertesacker reflected on the club’s defeat against Watford.

The German believes that Arsenal ‘s players are guilty of not wanting enough at aren’t mentally prepared enough. That would seem to go against everything Jack Wilshere and his manager have said this week.

“Even if you’re exhausted, even if it’s a game where you think you have to make every single step possible to avoid chances, you do it,” Mertesacker told Arsenal Player.

“They [Watford] were coming for us and were having a real go at us.

“Then you need numbers, you need players in the box and players wanting to defend that goal. We lacked that, totally, especially on that second goal.

“I need to do a better job in preparing our players, especially mentally to go that extra step.

“That needs to be done beforehand. Afterwards is easy because anyone can judge us on that performance and can criticise.

“That’s fair play, but we as players and me as captain need to make sure we are aware of that before the game, not afterwards.”