Mertesacker on Deeney criticism: ‘I don’t pay attention’

Matt Stead

Per Mertesacker insists he did not “pay attention” to Troy Deeney’s comments about Arsenal.

Deeney claimed that Arsenal lacked “cojones” after helping Watford come from behind to beat them 2-1 on Saturday.

The striker added that the Gunners “backed off” and that the Hornets smelled blood.

Mertesacker, who scored in the defeat, insisted that he does not listen to such criticism.

“I don’t know what he said,” Mertesacker told Sky Sports. “I don’t pay attention. Anyways it was after the game I think, so I didn’t watch it.

“We should concentrate on ourselves first of all, there are so many guys involved and so many opinions, which is fine, but we need to focus on ourselves and learn lessons from that.

“If we start to listen to too many people it’s not worth it, honestly, I need to look at myself and think what could have been done better.

“Afterwards, it’s easy to judge and easy to say words and think we are lacking something. We have to think how we can provide better performances, especially away from home, where it gets tight and difficult.

“That is all going on here. I’m not a favourite of listening too much to other guys. I haven’t done that in 15 years, I’m not going to do that in my last year.”