Ozil criticises Arsenal: ‘We did not work as a team’

Date published: Tuesday 17th May 2016 9:41

Mesut Ozil has spoken out again against Arsenal’s inability to beat the Premier League’s smaller teams, which he believes cost them their shot at the title.

Ozil risked the wrath of Arsene Wenger when he discussed Arsenal’s failed title bid in March, saying the club had “screwed up” their season.

“The statement is not welcome, I agree with you,” was Wenger’s response to that criticism, so Arsenal’s manager in unlikely to be impressed by Ozil’s latest comments.

“I think for us in the end it was important to qualify directly for the Champions League which is the second or third place,” Ozil told Sport360.

“To be second in the last game of the season and be on top of Tottenham was also good for us and our fans. It was a good finish to the season.

“We dropped a lot of points that we should not have dropped against the ‘smaller teams’ and that was the point in the season where we did not work as a team.

“Especially after the Barcelona game we lost some points. That was a time when we weren’t good enough to just take points and go.

“We just have to focus more and with stronger players maybe coming in be competitive for next season and we will see where we end up at the end.”

Ozil has still not signed his latest contract. Arsenal fans would be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive.


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