Mesut Ozil has become a complete wastrel

Date published: Monday 16th October 2017 6:55

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Ozil has just become a wastrel
Players like Ozil really don’t help the cause and are just a waste of space but the blame will again be shifted to Wenger. A Germany international with a World Cup medal misses a chance to kill the game and seconds later we are punished.

We can do all the analysis of this games, but chances are if Ozil scores that chance the game is almost secured but no, he did not. Maybe yes put the blame on Wenger for not selling him and Alexis and then going and spending the money on Lemar, but even so.

Now our chance to qualify for CL might be to focus on Europa League and winning it, otherwise let’s start preparing for season 2018/19.

Two injuries because players were rushed back, shows just how wenger favours few players. He has been singing Wilshere’s praise but he doesn’t play him. Ii mean Elneny and Xhaka went to play for their countries and Wilshere did not, surely if Wenger has been saying is is back to his best why not just play him?
Lwazi (Just donate Ozil) Cape Town


It would be pointless for Arsenal to get in the Champions League anyway
Whilst I agree to a point with what Matt Stead is trying to say, to say that Arsenal’s loss was a glimpse “without Ozil” is simply not true. Stead poo-poos Ozil’s massive chance, but if the German puts that away, it’s 2-0 and that would’ve been game over, no matter how much Deeney decided our defence weren’t up for it.

This was a massive turning point in the game, and the fact that Watford won their penalty so soon after really stings. I am a massive defender of Ozil, and have been on these pages, but the fact is tonight we weren’t completely without him and he missed a big opportunity to impact the result of the match.

I also think we missed Ramsey badly. Stead touches on the slow pace of play, and he’s absolutely right. Ramsey offers something totally different to anyone that played tonight and although he’s far from perfect, he always helps raise the tempo and take us a little further up the pitch more quickly.

Still, once again, does it really matter that much? We’re nowhere near City’s level at the top, and we’re not good enough to do anything in the Champions League should we get there. It makes it all a bit pointless.
Joe, AFC, East Sussex


Stop flirting around it: Richarlison dived
As an Arsenal fan, I am not fuming about the Watford penalty, because players of all teams dive, not least us. But can we at least call a dive a dive?

In the media they talk about Richarlison going down easily, making a meal of it, the penalty being soft, debatable etc, but more often than not they lay the responsibility at the referee’s door. In the live broadcast they repeatedly cut to referee Neil Swarbrick and said his decision had changed the game, and Arsène Wenger, even more despicably, described the penalty as the referee’s “creation”.

In the moment, I thought it was a foul; it looked iffy. The referee had to judge in a split second from a tight angle if there had been a trip or not. Richarlison cheated and won his team a penalty. How much would you hate someone if he broke the rules at work and made you look like a tit? I think it’s time as a sporting culture we stopped blaming referees and started calling cheating by its name, and that change has to start with the media.
Lev (forget the league, just go for the UEFA cup)


Kevin de Bruyne is the king
Kevin De Bruyne is an absolute thug with the ball at his feet, and I mean that as the highest form of compliment one could offer.

That is all.

God damn…


I wrote in a few days back regarding the ludicrous nature of Coutinho being nominated for the Ballon D’or, and compared him unfavourably to De Bruyne. Surely this weekend is an apt a demonstration of this as can be.

De Bruyne is on a different plane, not just to Coutinho, but every other midfielder on the planet. Yes Messi and Ronaldo have banged in x goals in y games again, but for my money, there’s no one better than Kevin right now. I wonder if Robbie Savage would pay money to see him yet.
Ben, London (Very much not a City fan BTW)


Manchester City actually look like Barcelona
I am a Manchester United fan, and watching that City performance feels like what I imagine it felt like for fans other clubs at the height of United’s dominance.

The sheer relentlessness and ruthlessness of them, the way that it just seemed like nothing could be done to stop them… Just unreal. I’d obviously love United to win the league, but to come second to this City side would be nothing at all to be ashamed of.

I remember what it was like when *that* Barcelona side were at their peak, you can’t help but want to watch them every chance that you get.

It’d be nice if somehow they imploded and lost every game from now until the end of the season, but so long as they continue to perform like this, I’d have no complaints whatsoever if they beat us into second place.
Rob Mason


On the Wembley jinx
With all this talk of a Tottenham Wembley jinx, as a spurs fan fan I thought I’d had to go and check it out for myself and try and come up with a solution.

I’ve heard many theories including bigger pitch, opponents inspired to be playing at Wembley, crowd that is further away, even different type of grass.

Due to having a young family who are not that into football and now living on the south coast I haven’t seen Tottenham play at home recently, mainly as white hart lane is a pain to get to.

I get to watch them regularly on bt/sky and away from home. In fact I was shocked to work out it is now 15 years since I watched them play at home as sheringham/redknapp played out a very boring 0-0 where the most entertaining part was sheringham conning the referee into giving him a free kick 25 yards out

So I was determined to go visit Wembley, as I have only been to the new stadium once and it is a lot easier to get to than white hart lane. I then selected a game that Tottenham had a fair chance to win and early in the season so I’d actually get round to going, with a preference for a game not on Bt/sky

Hence why I have attended the Bournemouth game, so as a result I knew a lot of people in the away end. I also dragged along my Wigan supporting mate, who has dragged me all the way to Wigan in the past to watch them play Tottenham. As an aside he has a particularly random reason for supporting Wigan(he’s from near Bournemouth) as there was a football show in the 80’s called saint and greavsie on Saturday lunchtime that regularly showed Wigan as they played a lot on Friday . I would be interested for the random reasons people support their teams.

But I digress, back to the Wembley jinx, I think it is as simple as teams have learned to set deep against spurs especially away from home and so spurs struggle to break them down and spurs become too static. The goal came when spurs were direct for once and ran at the defence. Spurs also had abnormal season at home last season where everything went their way(being 2-1 down till late on to West Ham springs to many mind. So my big solution is to take a risk once in a while if a team plays deep.

Also Wembley is awesome, but old Wembley was still better and although done for practical and financial reasons it should only be used for cup finals.
Paulo (spurs are on their way to Wembley)


Marco Silva!
To be fair to Merse & Thommo even someone with no knowledge of the premiership would know how to set up to beat Arsenal at home.

Matt EFC, London


It’s all my fault Arsenal lost
I’m sorry for watching Arsenal’s second half against Watford. By all accounts they were playing well until I started watching. Then Ozil comes on, missed an open goal, they get a penalty, Wilshere didn’t come on and Tom Cleverley scores in the 92nd minute with his first goal since Friends debuted on the telly.

They would have won had I not started watching, so again, I apologise unreservedly. It’s all my fault.

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