‘Mike Dean is the man for big decisions’

Date published: Thursday 29th December 2016 9:13

Former referee Graham Poll has said what we’re all thinking: Mike Dean is great.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Poll described Dean’s decision to send off Nathan Redmond as justified, before piling praise on his former colleague.

Dean has gained a reputation for flamboyance, and we estimate him to be the most infuriating man possible to have refereeing your game.

Dean has also given more penalties than any other referee this season, choosing to clamp down on any pulling in the box.

“Players, pundits and fans like incidents to be clear, right or wrong, black or white,” Poll said.

“The issue is that most contentious ones are shades of grey; particularly when viewed once at full speed.

“That is why many referees don’t make decisions saying they are unsure or unsighted. Mike Dean is not such a referee. He makes decisions and as a result he has awarded more penalties than any of his colleagues.

“Dean was absolutely right to dismiss Southampton’s Nathan Redmond for his deliberate foul that denied Tottenham an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

“There was a clear pull by Redmond on Dele Alli which caused the Spurs player to lose balance. That first contact was outside the penalty area; the final one as Redmond fell into the back of Alli was inside.”

What a man.


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