Milner explains why he is both ‘a b*stard’ and ‘a kn*b’

Date published: Friday 25th May 2018 11:51

James Milner has explained why he is both a “b*stard” and possibly a bit of a “kn*b”.

Milner is expected to start for Liverpool against Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday.

If all goes to plan, the midfielder will be able to communicate with the opposition as he is learning Spanish.

In an interview with The Times, Milner says that he wants his kids to do the same, and thus only talks to them in the language.

“I’m a pretty stubborn bastard!” he jokes. “It was when I signed at City, to speak to David Silva and Zaba and I’ve carried it on. I’ve a place over here and I was so impressed with people who could flick between the two languages.

“Since my two children were born I’ve just spoken to them in Spanish. My missus speaks to them in English. They understand pretty much everything I say. It’s a very good gift you can give your children.”

Those poor non-Spanish children.

The 32-year-old also referred to his introduction to Twitter, where he parodies the popular ‘Boring James Milner’ parody in some sort of parody-ception.

“They probably thought I was a knob before,” he says once more of making posts about ironing and measuring confectionery. “People are surprised that I joke a lot but that’s me, although my missus did say a couple of times that even she was surprised with some of the stuff I put on Instagram.

“Maybe people thought I actually was boring and didn’t have a personality. Now they know more about me, and see I’m comfortable to make a joke about Ribena. Maybe that has coincided with having an OK season.”

What a delightful gentleman.

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