Mings snubs Talksport interview over Sterling coverage

Date published: Tuesday 11th December 2018 12:08

Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings has decided to pull out of an interview with Talksport over their coverage of the alleged racist abuse of Raheem Sterling.

Sterling was subject to the alleged abuse during Saturday’s Premier League game at Chelsea in which Manchester City lost the match 2-0.

The 24-year-old responded to the incident on social media by accusing the British press of helping to “fuel racism” by their portrayal of young, black footballers.

The PFA has been in contact with the England international to offer support and praised the restraint he showed at Stamford Bridge.

Dave Kitson told Talksport on Sunday that Sterling had basically brought all this on himself by showing off his luxury lifestyle on social media which incited “jealousy”.

The former Stoke and Reading striker did say there was “no excuse whatsoever” for any abuse – but Mings has taken a stand against Kitson’s comments.

“I’m meant to be doing an interview with Talksport tomorrow which won’t be happening,” Mings said on Twitter. “I’m fed up of broadcasting channels who have a huge voice allowing this sort of sh*t to be said. Like someone or dislike them, there is no ‘but’ or grey area when it comes to racism.

“Sometimes silence is just as powerful as trying to force someone to listen to you. If we all don’t do interviews with ‘them’ they will soon start to have a level of appreciation for what we bring to their sport.”

Mings added: “I will absolutely voice my opinion and play my part for those who do not have as much of a reach. It has to be in the right way and on the right platforms though. Silence is deadly for stations and outlets who rely on viewers and listeners.”


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