Premier League worst finishers: Kai Havertz takes the soggy biscuit

Misfiring Chelsea striker Kai Havertz

We bring you the top/bottom 10 players who massively underperformed in front of goal this season and Kai Havertz is top.

Oh and we don’t hold no truck with penalties so we have taken those numbers out.

For the less fun list of players wildly outstripping their xG numbers, go here.


10) Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Expected goals: 7.3
Actual goals: 4

Scores an awful lot of penalties but only one goal from open play in the last two months.


9) Danny Welbeck (Brighton)
Expected goals: 9.4
Actual goals: 6

No goals in his last six Premier League games. We love you Danny, we do.


8) Andreas Pereira (Fulham)
Expected goals: 6.5
Actual goals: 3

Lots and lots of long-range shots. Lots and lots of long-range shots that do not result in goals.


7) Neal Maupay (Everton)
Expected goals: 4.8
Actual goals: 1

Came off the bench v Manchester City and struggled, which was hardly surprising. Not even trusted on the final day v Bourneouth.


6) Fabian Schar (Newcastle)
Expected goals
: 4.9
Actual goals
: 1

How delightful it is to see actual Newcastle centre-half Fabian Schar brushing shoulders with all these wasteful forwards.


3=) Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton)
Expected goals: 5.0
Actual goals: 1

Scored a penalty v Leicester City but f*** knows how he didn’t score another. Didn’t take a meaningful shot as they battered Brighton and lost to Manchester City. Ended the season injured. Obviously.


3=) Christian Eriksen (Manchester United)
Expected goals: 5.0
Actual goals: 1

Taking a lot of shots from distance but still, only one goal v Fulham in November is a pretty rotten return for the Dane.


3=) Joe Willock (Newcastle United)
Expected goals:7.0
Actual goals: 3

His wayward finishing v Manchester United clearly put him off; he didn’t even attempt a shot v Brentford or Aston Villa, before firing back with 14 (obviously none went in) against Spurs, Everton, Southampton, Arsenal, Leeds and Brighton.


2) Eddie Nketiah (Arsenal)
Expected goals: 8.2
Actual goals: 4

Seems odd now that there was a point when we wondered whether Gabriel Jesus would even get in this Arsenal side. Actually, it seems more than odd; it seems f***ing mental.


1) Kai Havertz (Chelsea)
Expected goals: 10.8
Actual goals: 6

Havertz actually hits the target with 44% of his shots – accuracy that actually puts him on a par with Callum Wilson – but how many is he hitting straight at the keeper? No goals since mid-March during Chelsea’s atrocious run-in.