Monreal details three Arsenal changes under Emery

Sarah Winterburn

Nacho Monreal has detailed three new targets for Arsenal under new coach Unai Emery.

The Spanish full-back – who has declared himself to be happy to stay at the club beyond his current contract – has been discussing the tactical shifts at Arsenal as well as the changes to their training regime.

“In training, he likes that every single player gives his 100 per cent in any moment,” said Monreal in the Evening Standard. “Training is one hour and a half, [maybe] one hour 40, whatever, [and] all the time we must give our best performance. If we have to run, we have to do it, don’t save any energy.

“After that, he loves that we enjoy and have a good atmosphere in the group. While we are training, it is ‘come on guys, do everything’ and after you will have time to relax and enjoy with your team-mates. It is good for the team.

“That [the pitchside gym] is what they did on the first day. I wasn’t here but I saw it. At the moment, we haven’t used it too much so that’s a good point for us!

“But both managers like to have the ball, have long possessions and protect the ball during the games. Probably with Unai Emery, we work more tactically. He is a Spanish coach and in Spain we work a lot on tactics, set-pieces – I think we are improving in this aspect.

“This is our idea for this year – have more possession, don’t lose stupid balls in the middle of the pitch and be more compact than how we were before.”