Moreno hits out at Klopp: ‘Last season was f**ked up’

Date published: Saturday 11th November 2017 11:09

Liverpool left-back has hit out at his treatment by Jurgen Klopp last season, in an interview that is hardly likely to please his manager.

Moreno spoke about being ignored and sitting on the bench behind James Milner, which he beautifully described as “f**ked up”.

He accused Klopp of shunning him unfairly, and said that there was nothing he could do break into the first team. It might have been worth considering defending properly, Alberto.

“It has been strange,” Moreno said to reporters.

“He [Klopp] arrived and I played every game, then at the start of the next season I disappeared.

“In the summer I saw that the season was going to be f****d up and that’s how it was. I cannot find a reason for what happened.

“When I saw James Milner, a right-footed midfielder, at left-back I knew something was happening. He did not give me any explanations.

“There came a point where I trained, looked around and knew that no matter what I did, they were not going to play me.

“He told me the team was fine, that I should continue working. I did, but the opportunity didn’t come.

“I went to talk to him five or six times and the message was the same but nothing changed.”

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