Mourinho: Criticism of Man Utd is my fault

Date published: Saturday 21st October 2017 12:04

Jose Mourinho believes his history of success creates a rod for his own back and leads to scrutiny that many managers do not have to face.

Manchester United enter the weekend second in the Premier League and on the cusp of reaching the Champions League knock-out phase.

However, style has been questioned as much as substance this term, especially after manager Mourinho’s side followed up their lifeless goalless draw at Liverpool with a narrow midweek win at Benfica.

“I think it’s my fault,” Mourinho said of the criticism. “Because people are used to my teams getting good results and winning titles.

“Other people have more time than I have. Other people have different standards than I have and that’s not a problem for me at all.

“We are going to lose matches, that’s obvious, and I can imagine we are going to have even more criticism than we have now. But, honestly, no problem.”

Asked if such criticism can motivate, Mourinho said: “No, it’s not a motivation. It doesn’t change my mind or my stability.

“We work hard, we try to do the best we can and get the best possible results.

“In relation to the last match, speaking about the Champions League I would like to know – because I don’t know – when United last won two consecutive matches away.

“I would like to know the last time United won nine points from three matches in the Champions League. We are doing OK.”

Despite the background noise, Mourinho is “really happy with what the team is doing” ahead of Saturday’s trip to Huddersfield – a match they approach without several first-team players.


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