Mourinho explains how Spurs can use Liverpool example

Joe Williams

Jose Mourinho is looking to Liverpool to provide his Tottenham players with an example of how you can lose and come back stronger.

Spurs lost in the Champions League final last season against Jurgen Klopp’s men and have failed to recover, making a terrible start to the Premier League season.

Liverpool on the other hand, lost the Champions League final to Real Madrid in 2018 before winning it in 2019 and pushing Manchester City close in the Premier League title race.

The Reds are now eight points clear at the top of the Premier League and Mourinho thinks they are a great example of how to bounce back from losing.

Mourinho told reporters: “I don’t know [how it feels] because I never lost a Champions League Final. But I can imagine it’s not easy. You reach one of the biggest moments that you can achieve in football.

“You are one step away from it, you cannot do it. I can imagine that is not easy but you have the example of Liverpool.

“One year they lost the Premier League by one point and they lost the Champions League by one goal and the next season, which is the current season, they are very strong in the Premier League.

“Last season they went very very strong and they won it.”