Mourinho: Many Sevilla players would get in my United team

Date published: Friday 16th March 2018 11:35

Jose Mourinho admits ‘many players’ from Man Utd’s Champions League conquerers Sevilla would get in his team at Old Trafford.

United were beaten 2-1 at Old Trafford on Tuesday in the second leg of the last-16 tie, with Mourinho coming under intense fire for his tactics and the Red Devils’ woeful performance.

The manager tried to put the defeat into context with a 12-minute speech at his press conference on Friday, when he also insisted that the Spaniards have a better recent European pedigree.

“We went out to a side that is more successful than Manchester United in the last seven years in Europe,” Mourinho said, po-faced.

“We are going (out) to a side that has a huge tradition in knockout competitions, we are going (out) to a side in the Spanish cup final…

“Do you think Sevilla didn’t have players that would play direct in my team?

“I cannot name them because if I name them their agents will jump with happiness and they will say ‘price tag’, this and that. In Sevilla, there are many players that would play in my team.

“So, the fans, they read what people write, they listen what people say – and the people that write and the people that say, are people with a lot of ideas and I used to call people with a lot of ideas idealists or idiots – they can be both.

“In my dictionary, which is the dictionary of life, a person with a lot of ideas can be an ideologist or idealist, or an idiot.

“The people, they listen to the ideologists and they also listen to the idiots. And that’s life.”

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