Mourinho tells rival Conte to stop playing ‘the victim’

Date published: Monday 15th January 2018 8:38

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has told Chelsea boss Antonio Conte to stop acting like “the victim”.

Mourinho’s row with Conte has seen both bosses trade insults, with the Portuguese claiming on Friday he had now been left feeling “contempt”.

He has also taken swipes at the likes of Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp and Rafael Benitez in the past, but claims he garners no joy from doing so.

“I don’t enjoy (them),” The United boss said of his public rows.

“When I start (them) I take the responsibilities of that and I’ve started (them) many times.

“When I don’t start it’s quite funny for me to see other people on the other side acting like victims when they’re not the victims. But, really, I don’t enjoy. That’s why for me (the row with Conte) is over.”

Mourinho then pointedly made a reference to how he repaired his relationship with Claudio Ranieri.

When Ranieri was sacked by Leicester in 2017, Mourinho wore the initials ‘CR’ on his top at a press conference, a move Conte recently suggested made him look “fake”.

“Sometimes it’s my fault; sometimes it’s other managers’ fault,” Mourinho added of his arguments.

“In my case, when I think it’s my fault and I should behave in a different way, I’m the first one to apologise, like I did with Ranieri when I had the chance.

“That’s when our relations went from bad to good and from good to very good because I was man enough to apologise.”

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