Mustafi blasts media: ‘You like to get the biggest sh*t’

Date published: Monday 20th November 2017 9:23

Shkodran Mustafi has launched an attack on the media for claiming that “Arsenal is dead”.

Arsenal beat Tottenham 2-0 in the north London derby at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday. Read 16 Conclusions, then a Mailbox special from the game. We do treat you.

Mustafi opened the scoring with a quite lovely first-half header, before Alexis Sanchez doubled a lead that Tottenham never threatened.

The German centre-half blasted the media after the game, and even did a couple of swears.

“You like to get the sh*t, the biggest sh*t,” Mustafi said.

“It’s always ‘Arsenal is this, Arsenal is that, Arsenal is dead, Arsenal is not coming back’. It’s always the same.

“I think it’s about what the team is feeling and the team is thinking. We keep saying it but we’re always alive, we always believe in ourselves, we always give everything on the pitch.

“Then obviously when it comes to games like that you have to show character – we did it. I think you have to give the team credit.

“We always are alive, we always believe in ourselves but we all know that if you win the big games but lose the small games you’re not going to finish top of the league or even in the top four. If you win today and lose next weekend you are back where you were.”

On rumours that he was close to leaving in the summer, the centre-half replied: “Obviously, because you’re asking me about it, it’s your job, as are the people from outside, talking and thinking that they know everything.

“I don’t understand why people are just talking about things. How can they know? How can they know if I have or haven’t been talking to clubs? It’s just rumours.”

“I have been talking to clubs or if I haven’t, it’s only rumours. I’m here, I’m standing in front of you in an Arsenal shirt.”

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