Neville explains why England’s kids won’t make it

Date published: Saturday 11th November 2017 11:21

Gary Neville believes that short-termism and the detachment between the Football Association and Premier League clubs will stop England’s young players from developing.

England’s youth teams have enjoyed a record-breaking year, winning two World Cups and a European Championship.

Yet Neville believes that these players will get stuck in the system because of a lack of regular Premier League minutes. He says that the principle of ‘if they’re good enough then they’ll get in’ is now false.

‘People ask the wrong question about what the FA can do to get these young players further forward in their careers,’ wrote Neville in the Class of ’92 diary for Sky Sports.

‘They can’t, it’s impossible. These players belong to Premier League football clubs. Those clubs won’t play those players and in two years the FA can’t pick them because they won’t be playing for their clubs.

‘There is no joined-up approach between the FA and the Premier League. They’ll argue there is but there isn’t.

‘The Premier League will tell you they’ve got the EPPP and the FA will tell you they have their National Centre, so they’ve both got good individual programmes, but they are totally detached.

‘There’s the argument that is if they’re good enough then they’ll get in but I don’t believe that anymore, it is absolutely false.

‘If you’re good enough, you might not get through because who knows how good you’ll be until you’ve played 30-50 matches and actually developed.’

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