Neville sends mixed messages by slamming ‘selfish’ Salah

Date published: Tuesday 29th September 2020 10:19

Salah was criticised by Neville for snatching the ball away from Diogo Jota in the second half.

Gary Neville criticised Mohamed Salah for being “greedy” in Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Arsenal, a couple of weeks after praising his “selfish” antics against Leeds.

Salah nicked the ball away from Diogo Jota as the substitute was searching for his first Liverpool goal on Monday.

The ball was heading straight for Jota who would likely have had a chance on goal had Salah not snatched the ball away from him and lost possession.

Jota did net his first Liverpool goal moments later, and Jurgen Klopp dismissed suggestions of selfishness on Salah’s part, but Neville warned the Egyptian “you can’t do that” in his analysis of the game.

Neville said on Sky Sports: “That is the selfish part of his game.

“He’s thought, ‘you’re not having a goal already’ and taken it off of him. It was Jota’s ball.

“His greed is one of his great strengths but he should have left it for his mate. He was never going to get there.

“He [Jota] would have had a goal if it wasn’t for Salah. You can’t do that. As great a player as he is, he knows that’s not a great look.”

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But just a couple of weeks ago, after his hat-trick against Leeds, Salah was praised for his greed by Neville as he hailed his ruthless streak.

He explained on Sky Sports: “You think of the mentality difference between Mane and Salah. Mane is likeable, I think the players probably love him, he gives his all every single day, he’ll do the selfless thing for the team.

“Then you look at Salah over on the other side. He doesn’t pass sometimes to his team-mate, he’ll be a little bit more selfish, a little bit less likeable because of that, probably by the fans, probably by some of his team-mates.

“But then I look at him as sort of an outsider as somebody looking at him thinking, ‘he is an absolute killer on the pitch’.

“He reminds me of that twin tracking of Ronaldo and Rooney in the mid 2000s where they were both like that and that’s where Mane and Salah are.

“I think Salah will end up going above Mane, not because Mane’s not a great player, as Rooney was a great player.

“But the reason that these players are different is they’ve got something up here that means they go home at night and being the best player in the world rocks their world.

“Whereas actually a Rooney or a Mane, they feel the team’s got to win, I’ve got to give my all, fight for my players. Salah doesn’t do that.”

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