Neville takes aim at ‘defunct’ PL as ‘attempted murder of our game’ sanctioned less than Everton

Ciaran McCarthy
Gary Neville on Arsenal
Gary Neville speaking as a Sky Sports pundit.

Gary Neville has stated that Everton have lost all “trust and faith” in “defunct” Premier League, after their sanctions which followed the “disgrace” of clubs being fined nominal fees for the “attempted murder of our game”.

There have been a number of big decisions regarding the Premier League and its clubs lately. One of the biggest was Everton being handed a 10-point deduction for breaching profitability and sustainability rules.

Chelsea and Manchester City remain under investigation, and given the precedent set with the Toffees, there could be harsher punishments handed out.

In any case, Neville believes the club will have lost faith in the league after the decision was made.

“Everton’s trust and faith [in the Premier League] has gone completely,” he said on Stick To Football.

Neville then took aim at the league itself, as he feels the big clubs are able to get away with more, bringing up the attempts from some to join a European Super League, being fined nominal fees despite the fact they could have killed the game.

“The greed and selfishness is out of control – it’s lawless. The Premier League is a defunct organisation because they’ve got 20 clubs all voting with self-interest,” he added.

“This has been coming for many years. The Super League clubs that tried to destroy the whole of European football – they were fined a total of £22million, £3.5million for each team, which is an absolute disgrace and a scandal for what they attempted to do, which was the attempted murder of our game.”

Indeed, Everton may have a right to feel hard done by – while they did breach the rules, Neville clearly feels big clubs attempting to ditch the smaller ones for their own gain deserved harsher punishment.

He’s of the opinion that would’ve been worse than the Toffees’ breach, despite the fact it wasn’t actually against any rules, as it could have ruined the English game, which might be right.

If other clubs are given harsher sanctions than Everton for breaching similar rules to them, but more of them, which could be the case, they may feel somewhat vindicated.

However, it may not do anything to stop what Neville feels is a greed from clubs with lots of money to operate within their own self-interest, such as the attempt to join the Super League previously.

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